The stories behind album covers

Just saw this great little video about the location and history behind the Tame Impala cover

Got me thinking, is there anywhere online where there’s been a column or dedicated blog about cover artwork? Feels like a really interesting area. Thinking it could make a really nice YouTube series or podcast.

What stories do you know about sleeve art? Which albums or single covers would you love to know more about?

This is a photo of a pharmacy in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, that they saw while touring


Currently having a slow-to-realise moment realising that this Sebadoh album title is just Pharmacy without the P. Never bother looking at album covers generally


This is a cafe in Northwich, the band’s home town, it wasn’t called the Melting Pot but changed its name to it after the album came out, it closed in 2016. I lived in Northwich from 1989-97, never went to this cafe but did get my haircut over the road from it.


man in a wheat field raising his hands for freedom


An edited photo of the old goose fair in Nottingham, for some reason


This is now the local places on album covers thread

Clifton Suspension Bridge on Green Cosmos by Deerhoof


The blurry photo on the cover of Palace Brothers’ Days in the Wake album is Will Oldham (or possibly one of his friends, he can’t remember) drinking a pint of stout in a pub somewhere in Ireland


Neutral Milk Hotel made another record? :grinning:

Clearly they have taken the pee with this one…

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Our house is in this photo. There’s a recording studio nearer to where the bus is burning, which I think is where the album was recorded. I’m not sure why they have the burning bus there, but bands always have issues with finding anywhere to park at the studio and often end up with parking tickets or in some cases, if they try parking in the cul-de-sac on the right there, angry notes on their windows.