The Strokes


think i’m gonna have to buy this based on the above praise - amazon says it’s £20 for the paperback though? is that correct? it won’t arrive for a few weeks and i wanna make sure i can actually take it on holiday ha


I don’t think it’s been released here yet so the only ones on Amazon will be expensive US import copies.


only £52.68 for the audiobook CD though




totally doing a whole 00s american indie thing now. we should make the ultimate playlist. our collective taste is unimpeachable let’s face it.


Mine’s a finished U.K. Copy and is indeed a trade paperback (the kind that’s the size of a hardback - it’s a whopper). I think that’s the first edition in the U.K.

If you can put the cash aside it’s seriously worth it.


this book is defo going on my xmas list


“I should’ve forced them to get addicted to writing better songs” ZING


as a result of the book, i was wondering how long it’d be before everyone started beefing at each other. the James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy stuff is way more nasty though. Stroks/Ryan beef is just playground shit by comparison.

gotta say ‘Last Impressions Of Actual Songs’ made me laugh. sorry boys.


Books down to 17 notes now, will probably just take the plunge as it looks to be perfect holiday reading


14 notes on Wordery


nice one - I go away next week so I might have to Amazon Prime it just in case but I’m definitely gonna plough through it (600 pages though!)


Nice, just ordered a copy. Can’t wait!


Yes! Ordered. Cheers lastdino!


strung out on lasagna :joy:


It’s such a compulsive easy read. I think I read it in two or three days.


what a bunch of losers, musicians bragging about how their songs are better than other musicians are the worst.

Ryan Adams has always seemed like a massive prick


This thing is yuge!




It weighs a literal kilogram!