The Strokes


This book is just fantastic. It’s basically Heat mag for indie fans with occasional gut wrenching revelation and reflection.




Can confirm, I saw Jack White in Detroit airport and he is fucking massive. Fucking pale though.


Pure enjoyment. I loved it.


Really enjoying Future Present Past today. Drag Queen is probably a top 10 for me.


Some live vids of Voidz playing new tracks are currently doing the rounds and they sound very promising. Don’t wanna listen to them all in this low quality but one called ‘Wink’ sounds like a real Strokesy hit.


Tyranny vinyl is currently only 9 quid on Amazon

Wanted this for ages but it’s always been 30 quid.


V decent quality live version of new Voidz track from Brazilian TV.

Sounds fucking great to me


this is good.


The first time I saw the Strokes was in London in very early 2001. And they were great.

The last time I saw them was in New Year, towards the end of 2004. And they were the worst, sloppy, drunk (or something else), falling apart in front of our eyes. awful.


<3 julian 4eva


They’re great now though. Top singalong heritage band stuff


Don’t know how “in New year.” got in there. Must have done and Apple + V by mistake. It’s Friday afternoon and feels like it.


New Voidz single dropping today apparently


And Albert Hammond Jr supporting Franz Ferdinand on their UK tour. Good day for side projects.


Album out on RCA in Early 2018, name change to just ‘The Voidz’. Looks like they’ve got a bit more cash behind them, wouldn’t be surprised if the sound is a bit more marketable then Tyranny, going by ‘Wink’ especially.

Julian eating popcorn :heart_eyes:


New un:


And another:


this is weird and great


All three songs have been excellent thus far. Album’s going to be a winner.