The Strokes


enjoying both new tracks. just generally happy that this exists.


New Albert Hammond Jr album incoming…





Sounds like BoC with vocals. I like it.




This is really good, does anyone know if any other Voidz stuff sounds like this?


Saw AHJ supporting franz ferdinand last night, really enjonyed him, a lot more than i enjoyed franz ferdinand. He seems to have decided, fuck it I’ll be the strokes


First Voidz record is decidedly more intense. And by intense I mean often needlessly busy - overflowing with ideas but not always in the best way. Human Sadness is a worldy tho. New tracks are undoubtedly stronger. Keeping it weird but not trying so hard and putting JC’s melodies front and centre.


Not sure what the new track is like but Crunch Punch, Human Sadness and Where No Eagles Fly are fucking gems. Rest of Tyranny is decidedly more hit and miss


guys how fucking good was Julian’s solo album


That track, 11th Dimension and Glass are just superb. Coulda done without 4 Chords tho.


4 Chords is easily in my top 3 on that album ha


great chorus to howl along to


Julian can do no wrong


Really enjoyed Albert Hammond Jr supporting Franz Ferdinand on Saturday night. New songs are very Strokesy, as was the whole show in general. Looking forward to the album.

Still really feel like his voice doesn’t match his appearance.



Really excited to hear the whole thing on Friday:


Albert Hammond Jr. album is enjoyable but a little slight. I’ll probably listen to it five times and then forget about it. Definition of a 7/10.


Agreed. I have put Dvsl, Muted Beatings and Stop and Go (best one imho) on my ‘Best Songs 2018’ Spotify playlist - so these will see some life, as this playlist is always on heavy rotation throughout the year.