The Strokes


‘I’m just saying I don’t understand why there can’t be a world where Ed Sheeran gets 60 percent of the attention and Ariel Pink gets 40 percent.’

Preach Julian!


He sounds like a fifteen year old in that interview.


Still remember watching them on the Main Stage at Reading in 2001; they’d been moved from the Carling tent because ‘hype’. It was like witnessing the birth of noughties indie.


Yeah it’s great he’s talking total nonsense


*Radio 1 Stage.

felt rather sorry for the Cosmic Rough Riders when everyone rushed away from them as they came on instead.


I stand corrected.


And another:

You can hear two more here with the password ‘thevoidz’

Gonna skip em and wait for the album I think


seen them many times. mostly good, but headlining V in 2004 was a fucking low point.


loving the new sounds. don’t care much for the visuals tho. still, high hopes for this LP.




Whys he dressednlike a member of GLC


just listening to all the singles and getting pretty hyped for the whole album tomorrow. It’s gonna be a big fun mess


Same! Well excited now.


Weird interview.


So does no one like The Voidz album? Its getting some pretty awful reviews.

Personally i think its crazy but absolutely brilliant


I enjoying it. After a couple of listens I don’t think it’s that weird. A few left turns and interesting vocal production bits but other than that quite a lot of hooks and straight rock moves. Really like Pyramid of Bones.


Not heard it yet but had to admit I was pleasantly surprised to see it sitting quite high in the AnyDecentMusic charts, just checked back and it’s fallen to the last page about 10 places from the bottom. Guess the first reviews must have been the most positive ones.


its batshit obviously but thoroughly enjoyable.

some utter, utter bangers. starts stronger than it ends.

opening triple salvo is massive.


The 1 star review from the Observer dragged it down somewhat


I honestly don’t know how anyone could rate it one star, unless they went in expecting is this it, or maybe ed sheeran’s biggest fan