The student room

Are you a student? What are you doing? How’s it going?

I’ve just signed up for another open uni course, in computing. Don’t really know why, suppose I fancy a career change.

Quite looking forward to getting all the course materials and getting started :nerd_face:

  1. no
  2. browsing DiS
  3. fine thanks

went to the university of life mate


Kind of, on a course that is accredited by Man Met through work.
Kind of Accountancy based.
Pretty good, got 2 exams left and the need to write some report by next August.
It also allows me 1 WFH day a week and 1 day in training so mixes up the work week.


I am a part-time student doing a Legal Practice Course at De Montfort University, while working full-time.

It’s a nightmare.

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Nope! Am going to a Freshers’ Fayre (Fair?) on Thursday though.

Also, I did Computing AS level and it was much, much harder than IT.

I would like to do a course but I am not very good at studying from books

I vaguely fancy doing a course but am discouraged by the fact it costs all the money and takes literally forever.


Started studying for a Certificate in Local Government Studies on Friday accredited by the National University of Ireland.

It’s a one year course and work are paying for it. It’s distance learning, which suits me but it means that all the lessons are condensed into one day a month.

It is unusual to be back studying seeing how I didn’t really enjoy college, which was too slow paced and restrictive for me. I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it but I’ll report back in April.

  1. Technically yes
  2. Journalism (distance learning)
  3. The NCTJ are the biggest bunch of incompetent crooks who love to make distance learners jump through 500 hoops.
  • tried to charge me £400 to take new modules because my chronic RSI meant I could no longer take shorthand (I read the law to them, they backed down pretty quickly)

  • …But actually they’d told me my external qualification for shorthand was fine and then claimed they’d misunderstood me when i sent my certificate. They don’t do taught courses for distance learners so I spent (including travel expenses) over £600 on a shorthand taught course in north London which would take 8 hours out of my day travelling to/from it and taking the actual lesson… often after 6 hours working in retail. And then my qualification was deemed ineligible.

  • changing the curriculum constantly and adding in new compulsory modules. I had to take a full day off work to go to London in April and take a half-hour 10 question multiple choice test… which I finished/passed in 10 mins. (The course materials for that module cost nearly £100, thank god I said I didn’t want them.)

  • They fucked up an exam so badly (by losing the invigilator…) that we had to retake it a month later at very short notice. Paid travel expenses for us but they weren’t fucking paying me the unpaid day I had to take off work, were they. One girl had flown over from Northern Ireland to take the original exam.

  • I now have one exam left to take but they don’t have a fucking tutor for that module for distance learners, and I don’t want to waste money on an exam I wouldn’t be confident of passing without any guidance.

I swear to fucking god that if I knew it would be this awful, I would never have signed up to do it.

My pal is going back to uni to do a full time MBA. He’s moving into halls. He’s never lived in halls before. He’s 33 years old.

I think he’s in for a shock.


Jeez that’s gonna be a bit ‘how are you doing fellow kids’ isn’t it

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Incredibly so, yes.

Surely there are halls for old people? Certainly are over here - more like little postgraduate flats than anything else.

But how would he get to have all of the sex with all of the twenty year olds that way? I don’t think you’ve thought this through tbh


Awesome, good luck! Do you have a background in computing or is this a big ole career change?

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I don’t have any sort of scientific background at all apart from a couple of gcses :neutral_face:

I like computers though if that helps :thinking:

(srsly though if it’s too much, the benefit of OU I can easily transfer to something else without starting again from scratch)

thought about starting an Open University course in History recently - fairly pointless, not really opening up any new career opportunities or anything but a nice little activity/achievement to work on and I currently fall within the wage threshold to do it for free.

however i’ve just been given full time hours at work now so don’t think i can be arsed with extra studying anymore.

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Other than awful administration, what’s the NCTJ like these days?

I did it in 2005 when you sat six exams (two law, two writing, one local govt and one central govt) and then sat as many shorthand tests as it took you to pass (our tutor had a bit of a con going whereby you only paid for the shorthand exam if you thought you were going to pass - and as it took me about five attempts it probably saved me quite a bit of money).

Are there modules these days about social media and such?