The Sudan Archives album is good

Yes it is

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Is there any link between Sudan Archives and Nia Archives or are they just two completely unrelated recent artists with similar names? Think I liked what I’ve heard by both but really can’t remember which is which. Will listen to the new album and hopefully that will make it stick.

Has anyone been to Koko since it was revamped/reopened? I’d like to see her show in London, but it’s at Koko, and I was never a fan of the venue before it shut for the refurb.

this is class


I was at The Koko last month. It’s still shit. They probably painted some walls etc. but the layout and everything else remains as shit.

Fucking hate The Koko but the Sudan Archives album is pretty great. Might have to bend on my “don’t go to The Koko unless essential” rule.

Yeah, this new one is really good. Really enjoyed Athena when it came out too, but never revisited it much. Not sure why. Gotta change that.