The Summer 2020 Wrestling Thread! Including: New Japan Cup! Fans returning to shows! AEW and WWE's continual race to the bottom!)

Just watched this match and I know I haven’t watched WWE in quite a while, but booking Rey in this type of match doesn’t really seem to work for me. Rey is the ultimate babyface and the only way he can win is to take someones eye out, it doesn’t work for his character I would think.

Not giving the ending away, but as there was no blood really felt quite stupid (does WWE still have a no blood policy)

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They do unless you’re protected (see: Lesnar vs Orton a couple years ago)

Only Zack Ryder left to reappear out of the biggest names of wwe dropouts then. Big rumours he’ll be in Cody’s weekly challenge slot this week.
Probably the biggest upside of the whole lot of them but he’ll need a lot of rehabbing to take seriously again.

I think he still had a no compete clause he had to run out whereas others didn’t? That’s what I read anyways. Think it expired this weekend gone

That would make a lot of sense. He’s been making a lot of noise this weekend now he’s got himself a new theme and gear etc, seems to have been training in Spear’s school too so wouldn’t be surprised if it’s him still this Wed.

right then, let’s see how this turns out, would be nice if you came and supported this thing :smiley: :

See Kairi Sane is off after the next raw taping then. Sad to see her go but fair enough really

Sad to see her go, but totally is the best thing for her. She’s an amazing babyface and I think could have been huge, but hopefully she will continue wrestling back in Japan. Possibly a return to Stardom?

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I’d imagine so, she’s going back to be with her new husband (partly) but doubt she’s done in ring

That’s good to hear. Is Stardom the largest promotion in Japan that has women in it?

I believe so though I know AJPW had a big women’s division for a long time? I’ll admit I’m no expert in that field

15 years since Ajpw closed up shop on AJWPW I think.

Stardom is definitely the biggest internationally, but that’s partly because they welcome foreign competitors most frequently id say. I am no expert either but I guess Tokyo Joshi Pro (owned by DDT), Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls and Oz Academy all draw similar numbers in Japan I think, or at least can/ have over the last few years.

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She won’t go to stardom as that’s been bought by bushiroad (njpw owners) as she’s gonna be a wwe ambassador I think.
Reckon wwe might start a performance centre out there and buy one of the other women’s feds

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I was gutted that Stardom was the only thing on in Tokyo when I was visiting, but was a great show in hindsight. Kairi and Io both left shortly after I think.

Blanchard v Storm would’ve been everyone’s pick for a future wrestlemania match around that time too i think

Was this still happening? I thought that the WWE in Japan was being put on hold for the time being until their numbers went up (financially and viewing)

No idea but they want to keep her on board and she’s a name so it seems like a good time.
Was more of I can’t see her going back to stardom but if she doesn’t do that what is she gonna do

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So road dogs a prick then


Oh, you didn’t know?