The Summer 2020 Wrestling Thread! Including: New Japan Cup! Fans returning to shows! AEW and WWE's continual race to the bottom!)

What is this company? Even earlier in the call Vince says they change the turnbuckles and ropes after every match (yeah, right) and they do a “pandemic cleaning” frequently, so if this spray was such a miracle, they wouldn’t need to do it. Not even the fact, that if this spray lasted that long and killed the virus that well, everybody would be using.
I know this is probably in response to one of the wrestlers getting Covid, but why not just own it instead? In the NFL, they’ve had players get Covid so it’s not unusual.

I would guess because they’ve taken the essential service route and been criticised for a lack of caution with their employee’s health.

ooh upset alert in New Japan Cup! Watch Gedo screw Okada out now :smiley:

English commentary is up for Monday’s show now so if you’re waiting for that it appears to be working a day later than the live show

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David Starr accused of Rape.

Yeah saw that, he’s responded saying “I’m not a sexual predator, I’ve been an awful partner. I know this might be the end of my career and that’s ok I’m going to be working on myself to be a better partner in the future.”

Interesting one

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Isn’t joey ryan the dick guy?


The response legit started
'I’m not a sexual predator BUT ’

Did david starr also do that spot or something? I’m lost

oh wait hang on i may be getting confused give me a sec

@moderators can you edit the David Starr post to remove the stuff to do with grabbing their dick in the ring (odd request out of context)

Thanks for correcting me @Ruffers

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Either way it seems so weird for multiple levels - he’s promoting his ‘apology’ tweet for some reason, and he’s been just one of the most vocal wrestlers about most political issues, even outside wrestling. Lots of NXT guys like Pete Dunne making comments as if they knew about it (which means they were hiding it?), just a horrible situation.

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seems like people knew about him cracking on to trainees at progress, so creepy but not what he’s been accused of now. but yeah, still should have spoken up. wrestling is pretty bad at that in general

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it doesn’t, unless you’re reading the full stop as a BUT in which fair enough


Is the one im referring to. Not sure if its changed since or you’re referring to a different series of tweets

that’s not in there (anymore at least) but I mean whatever, it’s still sketchy

very much reminds me of Jessy Lacey and MJ actually

Sorted m8

Riptides response to latest events basically vowing to ban anyone who participates in forums that objectifies female wrestlers and engages in campaigns to dog-pile/harass victims


Hell of a commitment that. Will be hard to meet, but better to shoot for it and miss than not even try.