The Summer 2020 Wrestling Thread! Including: New Japan Cup! Fans returning to shows! AEW and WWE's continual race to the bottom!)

Karen sami zayn is a delight

roman is a perfect heel coming in and nicking the pin and heyman in the firefly funhouse was brilliant

As with all things Bray, the real shame is that it eventually has to end with a match.

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dare I say it the past couple weeks of Smackdown have actually been, good?

Yep good watches. Last weeks was better. Bayleys turn on Sasha was perfect.

Liking the bliss storyline too

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Smackdown has a bunch of stories going on at once and they all feel very unique and different from one another. It kinda reminds me of the glory days where the whole card appears to be interacting with each other to some extent.

A lot of slow burns as well - most of these stories have been going on for months now

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Alexa’s sister Abigail was great. Might be better than Bray’s

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ROH is back :eyes: :eyes: With a hyper realistic sports based (genuinely) presentation. Nice.

Literal timed rounds like old World of Sports rounds, feels good. Won’t lie though I want Lethal in AEW.

Looking forward to catching this week’s Dynamite, initial reaction seems to be it’s one of the best episodes front to back as yet. LAX/Best Friends street fight is meant to be wild, even a moty candidate which I’m sceptical of but I’m glad it seems to have landed well.

Jesus, you’re not wrong about the parking lot brawl. It felt a bit weird them taking risks on a concrete floor so soon after Hardy’s bump but it’s so crazy they just about got away with it.

Also Tony really needs to give Billy what he wants to keep Thunder Rosa. Even if he has to watch the whole of that Siddhartha performance thing with a straight face.


Day 1 of the g1 yesterday did not disappoint, which made me think that we should probably move onto the Autumn thread given it starts tomorrow!


I’m gonna have to start watching with Japanese commentary the English version has been taking way too long to appear.

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I would guess it will be later on today? TBH I kinda prefer the Japanese commentary sometimes

Hopefully - they were taking a few days during the Summer Struggle but hopefully they’ll be a bit quicker for the G1. It’s really useful as a NJPW n00b to get a bit of context on past rivalries etc. But my impatience is probably gonna win out.

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Minoru Suzuki, man


he’s just the best ain’t he?

Had a lovely dream/nightmare last night of Joey Janela competing in a “Barefoot Ladder Match” in which the each step of the ladder had something horrible glued on it. Lego, tacks, glass, salt etc. Might tweet the idea at him…

against who?

He’s the only person I remember.

Been seeing him start ANOTHER beef with Cornette because Jim started reading out potential names for his team with Sonny Kiss and they were homophobic
They definitely were, they shocked me when I listened to the podcast and clearly put his co-host in a difficult place who just moved along swiftly but obviously now Jim’s not backing down

I’m sure it’ll come to nothing since Jim doesn’t give a fuck but he really is an archaic piece of shit sometimes, and it dilutes any real analysis he has completely (well, that and the fact all the 80s stuff he raves about is about 14 people in a barn with the cheesiest, fakest wrestling possible)


Yeah i’ve had the words Cornette (and Russo) (and plenty of others) muted/blocked on Twitter for years.