THE SUMMER 2022 WRESTLING THREAD (feat. G1 Climax, Summerslam, All Out & more!)

Nah Ryback is too far, man’s dead :sweat_smile:

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The crazy beautiful thing about this sport of kings is…I can see any of these things happening.

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Ughh Moxley as champion. Hardly Danielson or my tribal chief Reigns is it. Good god. Entire business is fucked.


“Jon Moxley has been training in Jujitsu” haha I guarantee I could beat the piss out of Jon Moxley with a feather duster, and I post about my depression on internet forums. Put the belt on Dragon and stop wasting my time.

Assume Moxley was just deemed better fodder for MJF, which makes sense. Dunno that Danielson losing to MJF in November is really what his first title reign would need.

Right, I’m getting a big onion off my chest…

I’ve always thought Danielson was shite. I mean, technically excellent obviously, but a charisma vacumn. Can sort of see why people like that sort of old school type, but does nothing for me.

Don’t think that’s a fair criticism of him. Maybe it was in his ROH/early WWE days (and tbf right now), but when he hit his stride in WWE he was the only one close to getting that attitude era type response from crowds


As unbelievably silly as rating how hard pretend fighters are in real life is I think you’re mistaken here. I mean I’m not sure I’d want to pick a fight with anyone who regularly does sketchy death match bollocks as a hobby and sees routinely bleeding buckets as part of his job even though nobody has ever asked him to.


Can’t believe I just responded earnestly to a ‘my champ is harder than your champ’ post. I need a lie down.


just look at his lil face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Jesus that “table spot” Julia Hart took last night was scary. I hope she’s ok but also…she’s not very good is she

You can’t beat an agile big man in the wrestling. Haven’t seen a lot of Keith Lee, was NOT expecting that hurracanrana.

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Yeah he’s great for exactly that reason, the literal definition of “good feet for a big man”

I think his death matches are garbage and it is hilarious that the “artistic expression” Vince was stifling with “goofy gimmicks” turned out to be diving onto barbed wire and blading whenever someone breathes in his direction. I bet he blades for a higher than expected phone bill. I did not say Danielson was “harder” than him just feel that Dragon being champ will probably make for better title matches with interesting wrestling. Now all we’re going to get is boring main events where clowns bust light bulbs over each others heads and bite the heads off chickens for the foreseeable future. The kind of crap that makes good people ashamed to watch this beautiful sport of kings.

I am very glad The Acclaimed are getting their due. Love the Acclaimed.

Well, that was pretty decent.

The Acclaimed are the best thing on the roster. Absolutely brilliant. Can’t remember a tag team being that popular since, idk, the Dudleys at their peak (probably a shit call), the noise was incredible.

Can’t put my finger on it, there’s just great depth to the gimmick that would hold up in any era, they’re both shit-hot in the ring, both charismatic, great entrance music, great clobber. Bowens in particular could go on to be anything.

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Effort but quite funny;


Haven’t watched any AEW for a while so when I see Julia Hart mentioned I always think it’s Bret’s ex-wife. Maybe it is?

Haha Dom Mysterio is enjoying his new Papi