THE SUMMER 2023 WRESTLING THREAD ft. AEW in Wembley! Summerslam in Detroit! G1 Climax 33 Tournament! And more!

Shows how organised they are when he appeared on NXT this week in a vignette saying he’d be on RAW…

Just had a quick browse through the WWE roster. 238 people. Heard of about thirty.


watching the Rumble last year and having ‘Rick Boogs’ followed by ‘Madcap Moss’ as actual entrants was a real low

Ali is absolutely nailed on for aew imho. Suits the flippy lads to a tee.

How long we giving TKO before we have to start paying for the monthly PLEs on top of our Network subs then? Don’t tell me that drastic app update a few weeks back - the first major one since it was launched - was a coincidence.

Aaaah they got me. They fuckin got me



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Quick prayer circle for Tegan Nox please everyone

For sure. As I say, not suggesting for a moment that Knox shouldn’t have got it right, just that it strikes me that the less people you need to have involved in any situation where an audible needs to be called the better - less chance of someone not understanding or making a mistake.

There’s probably valid reasons why you might not want to take that approach as well - there’s an increased risk of an accidental botched kick out or something ruining months of storylines etc.

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I hope someone has confiscated TK’s phone. I can’t fit another AEW show in my life. We’re a half dozen signings away from AEW: Clusterfuck on Thursday nights.

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Boogs also released according to Fightful

Apparently until 10 minutes before Becky Lynch went out on Raw this week, Nox was getting the NXT title shot. Changed right at the last minute, which is why Lynch went on for ages about how she wanted to give new talent a chance at the title in an open challenge, then Natalia of all people was given the shot instead (as reward for pulling double duty in India). Made Lynch look like a fucking idiot.

JTG has signed a new contract

both released now, I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY


Elias is gone

Get in!!

It’s fine, I preferred Ezekiel anyway.

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Totally freeing up the budget to bring back Ezeikiel

Top Dolla gone

Ah well that shows how much attention I still pay to that show