The Sun banned from Anfield


Seems a bit of an odd thing to do really


In that everyone should have done it years ago?


Just weird that it’s taken this long.


good, fuck 'em



Not sure why now.


Good stuff, would be nice if every other football club did the same.


This hot on the heels of Wikipedia banning the Daily Mail from being a news source on it’s site due to it being "generally unreliable"
Not a good week for shit newspapers!



But…is it a conincidence this has come during a really bad run for the team?


As opposed to the gazillion other bad runs they’ve had over the last 25 years?


legal case is over now?


There’s a decent explanation on the Liverpool echo website as to why they didn’t do it years ago. Think it’s great they’ve done it now, whatever the reason for the timing


I assume Liverpool fans will still watch their team play in the Premier League on Sky Sports, which is also owned by Rupert Murdoch?


They’ve banned the sun you can’t expect them to ban the fucking sky as well!!!


Yeah feels like a suspect time to do it, but completely understandable why they would do it



Guess they’ll have to use astroturf in future!


Want to link us or…?


Is it to do with the fact we have only just had the verdict in the last year and doing it from a legal angle or something?

I don’t know and definitely think it’s a long term coming, but you’d have to be a right cunt to suggest it was motivated by anything else imo



Ta ra duck