The Sunday DINNER Thread 23/06/2019

Hello friends,

What are you all eating today?
I got out of bed this morning and sliced up yesterday’s par boiled new potatoes, chopped up half an onion and sautéed them up in a big frying pan with some olive oil and butter. Then I tagged @Avery in as I needed to shower. He cracked some eggs into a pan and history (or, breakfast) was made.

Off to London to watch some comedy this afternoon and meeting friends for :pizza:

Hopefully we’ll fit in a nice spot of supper when we get home. A sandwich or toastie, perhaps :thinking:

Have a delightfully delicious day my darlings x

:frog: :inbox_tray: :hole:

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Going round sister’s for lunch which will be a hodge podge, I reckon, of meat, salad, bread and pasta.

If I have room later then I think dinner is some lamb ragu pasta thingy.


Forgot my leftover macaroni cheese and I can’t afford a cafe lunch so who knows what that’ll be. Garlic & chilli roast chicken later.

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No roast for me today, quite fancy buying some of those big scotch eggs you put in the oven :grin:

Was it you that had these the other day @anon19035908 ? Think your comfort food choices have inspired me

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I had a honey & mustard one from work. Delicious.

Going out to an Italian for lunch. They do a half pizza, half pasta so I’m almost certain that’s what I’m getting.

Gonna do some sort of Mexican-ish chicken thing with salsa and spicy rice.

In Aldi but not sure. Maybe lamb? Although that said I do have mozzarella balls and fresh cherry tomatoes so I could do some sort of nice salad.

Frog in a log?

Sriacha tofu, tomato, lettuce and lovage wraps.

Might be having tea at a film screening so :man_shrugging:

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Breakfast 1


Breakfast 2

You know what else you could do with those ingredients? :pizza::pizza::pizza:

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My little sisters favourite!

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JFC this is miserable


I really fancy pizza AND pasta but @Avery refuses to share.

  • Order both, just for you, you absolute legend
  • Pizza
  • Pasta

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@avery is trying to stop me from respecting the poll and living my best life.

Making a few Italians spin on their graves today


I’m SO jealous! Not a fan of pineapple on pizza but I can easily pick it off.

We’re making carbonara tomorrow.