The Sunday Dinner Thread- I DO want to make a big deal of it.

Happy Sunday, my dearest close personal internet friends!

What’s cooking in your kitchen?
Are you going out somewhere nice?

We are making a veggie lasagna which will be served with green beans, petit pois and garlic bread.
Might make a :green_salad: for a starter/afternoon snack. Also just remembered we bought some fancy cheeses at the food fair a couple of weeks ago and saw the cheese on toast thread so now I REALLY fancy cheese on toast.



@avery is telling me I’m not allowed cheese on toast because there’s going to be so much cheese in the lasagne.

  • Sensible, listen to him

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Went in the shop at work yesterday and got a garlic and herb roast in the bag chicken (£1.10) and a leek gratin (50p). Gonna do those with a bit of veg out the freezer and some potatoes or something like that.
Sunday dinner for £2!


Tell him to bog off and eat what you want

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Going to do a chickpea haddock and harissa stew but I couldn’t get any dill in Lidl and I can’t be arsed to go to big tezzas.

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Please don’t actually roast the chicken in the bag, it will not be great.

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There’s no Dill in Lidl


There was not

(Or is there?)

The kind you mean won’t work in my stew though :woman_shrugging:


I’m not a fan of dill, fact fans.

Coriander or parsley would work.


I’m going to attempt to slow roast a half leg of lamb

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Butternut squash pad thai or quorn fillets with salad and flatbreads. Probably the former.

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:scream::cry:I hope you’re cooking up some vegetables to have alongside those ready meals?

Clearly not a fan of anagrams.

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I had a salami and pepperoni sandwich, a vanilla Muller corner with chocolate balls and a banana.

Might have a coffee and a Thornton’s chocolate from the box some of my Higher class bought me.

The pork for tonight has finished roasting and looks pretty good.

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Making a special Mac and cheese for my gf :grinning: