The Sunday Thread (23/06)

Morning troops! Expect my posting to increase: shipping the family off to Canada today. Tears will be incoming at Glasgow Airport later.

Obviously I’m up early.

Morning :wave:

Had a bit of a strange night’s sleep. Lots of stressy dreams so I’ve woken up feeling a little unsettled. I think it’s partly because Friday and Saturday were such lovely days and I have to go back to work tomorrow…

On the plus side, it’s really sunny and warm. Might go for a walk later.

Hello! Been awake since 6 cause it’s really fucking hot. Work in a bit then roast chicken later. Really cba mates.

There is a dog in the airport! A bright spot in a really emotionally draining morning.



Wedding bits and bobs to sort out today. Wanna be in bed though

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Dream chat

There was an atom bomb being dropped near my mum’s house where I was back living. It happened and was loud but no damage to anything. Looked out the window and there were soldiers walking across the fields with massive grizzly bears on leads. I took photos. Looked at the photos on my phone and the bears were censored out, like some repeated pattern was over them automatically so they couldn’t be seen. A bit later me and my mate walked across the field to look at the bear prints in the snow and take photos. Turns out we’d accidentally crossed the border onto North Korean land, and none other than Kim Jong-Un himself walks over, angrily gesticulating. I keep saying “Sorry Kim” until he smiles enthusiastically and says “Okay” and shakes my hand. I go back to the house and tell my mum about our encounter and how we were lucky he didn’t have any bears on him. My brother is eating a battenberg cake and I tell him not to have too much because I want some. I’ve got art homework to do and lots of it.


It’s absolutely pissing down here. Going to book accommodation for Primavera next year to cheer ourselves up.

Listening to some bvdub to settle the baby and give the TV a lie-in.

Then I will return to Fargo s2 on 'flix.

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Some kid has sprayed ‘TQ7’ on a wall in the park :joy: trying to start some kind of postcode based feud in rural south Devon, amazing.


Morning and Anglos

Got a tour at 11 then I have to come back home rom town because my mum won’t have M for longer than 3 hours a week, take her to her dad’s in the next suburb so I can then race back to town again for another tour at 4 then pick her up and race home again so I can get her in bed.

I don’t want to do any of these things, m9s.

About to do a Body Attack class that I’ve never done before - not going to lie the YouTube videos have me worried. Then going out for family lunch and there’s hockey on all afternoon. Then two day week!

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Non-joys of dating a morning person, your up at 4:25am on a Sunday for no apparent reason.


That’s the nature of future events…


Morning everyone. Following the gorgeous weather of yesterday, the clouds are back with a vengeance this morning :umbrella:

Body attack is fantastic- I mean, you’ll hate a lot of it while you’re doing it but feel so amazing afterwards! They’ve stopped doing it at my gym, annoyingly.

Shopping for holidays, because my thousand t-shirt owning bf needs more. I might get a new bikini, and I need to pick up some antihistamines and stuff, so primark and Boots beckon. Urgh.
Out for dinner tonight with parents for belated Father’s Day stuff since I was too ill last weekend.

Really glad to be sober gain, that was an awful night’s sleep

Made some nice porridge (nutmeg, date nectar & cinnamon)
Drinking a nice coffe (North Star - The Docks)
There’s a steel fair on a southside street
And also the mela in kelvingrove so may visit those
Could do with a hair cut.

It was fairly intense but weirdly I enjoyed it. Highest calorie burn of any activity/class I’ve done. Might try the the 45 min version until I acclimatise to it a bit!

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Mornining friends. I did a girls night last night and oh my god, rum. So much rum. I stayed over but woke up around 9 craving breakfast so fucked off home. I’m hungry again though so probs about to go to Tesco. Meant to be doing groceries today but have a feeling I’m going to fuck that off cause I can already tell how today is going. Fucking hell, rum.