The Sunday Thread

Morning kids!

I’m bright and fresh today after an early night (which followed being hungover for most of yesterday). Time for croissants and grapefruit soon.

Anyone doing anything exciting today? Might cook a roast later.

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Morning Rob.

Just back from walking the dogs - feeling fresh here too.

My brother is going away travelling for a year (at least) in a few days. Today is his family send off, which will involve roast dinner and pints.

I fear that an early night beckons.


Morning guys :wave:

:sleeping: but going to :oncoming_automobile: :boot:


You’re going to drive over peoples feet? Bad @Witches!


Morning. Sunday league. Playing the team we lost to 11-0 and 8-1 last season :grimacing:

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And she’s already clearly admitted she’ll fall asleep at the wheel! Shameless!



Gotta clean the old flat… which will be fun.

Just bought a nut milk bag.

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Old Blue Last
£6/£4 NUS


Climbed up Ben Lomond yesterday and loved it, although feeling it today…and that’s supposed to be an ‘easy’ munro?!

Yesterday was hectic so taking it easy today, only real plans are to finish my book, make vegan alla Norma and watch a film or two. Bliss.


It was gorgeous! Spent most of it inside a cloud but the views on the way down as it cleared were amazing. Sat eating our sandwiches looking at this…


Hello all. Got a bit of a cold so spent today mostly inside. Reading some Connie Willis, watching The Man in the High Castle. Cooked a roast that came off pretty well.

Now about to eat some cake that I scored at the vege market to celebrate my newDiS cake day.

Got to do a couple of hours of work but assessing a potential album tracklisting while I do it so it’s not all bad.

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Morning all!

I skinned my knee and picked up some bruises playing football yesterday so I’m feeling that this morning.

Toast, biscuit spread and coffee for breakfast.

I’m in the early stages of my September cold so my nose is both blocked and runny.

Wor Lass has a friend coming later so I’ll have chance to do my homework. She’s making meatloaf this evening.

god morgen

i am the hangover. hoping :fried_egg:+ :pancakes: + :coffee: will fix it


I’m heading to Brighton with my house mate, as he wants to buy some new drum bits.

Might find a nice pub for a Sunday roast. I’m also hoping Trafalgar Wines opens on a Sunday.

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Same! But enjoy those end-of-summer vibes on your Berlin adventure in the meantime!

Lucky Ben!

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nice one. ben lomond was my first munro too

have you tried to walk down any stairs today yet? that’s always a laugh

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You a crunchy or smooth biscuit spread man Keith? If I had to bet I’d go crunchy.

Luckily I’m not planning to leave the flat today so no stairs, but my legs were well wobbly driving back yesterday! What did you do for your second? I’m a bit intimidated by them all.