The Sunday Thread

How are we doing, haven’t started one of these in awhile. I hope you all are doing magnificent. Me and the Mrs. up late dancing to the Supremes. I’m looking forward to going fishing tomorrow.

Big plans today? Eating some good food? Going on some park runs? Relaxing? Tell us about it here. Play us a song if you’d like. I’ll leave you with Lionel. Be well my friends.



On the buzz to work. Nice short, easy Sunday to ease me back in after 10 days off.

Supposed to stay dry, so should be able to take the dog for a decent walk for the first time in a few days this afternoon.

Goin brizzle. Will be having a Marks and Sparks train picnic


Good morning,

My sleep is bad at the moment so still in bed as I was up editing the latest podcast until late (it’s with a brilliant writer called Emma Garland about her intersectional and often very funny writing for Vice, Huck, etc if you fancy a listen). Recording another episode today with a feature writer who has done some incredible pieces for big US magazines.

Might avoid all the Sunday politics shows today as it’s all too bleak at the moment.

Just revisiting some of the album of the year contenders and the Julie Byrne album gets better with every listen.


Awaiting my darling partner to get home from her girls weekend so I can get back into my house ffs.

Bailing on my evening plans because I really, really want to just be at home

Need to apply to a job


Morning angels

Saw Daniel Kitson’s ghost show yesterday at Wilton’s. Had a eucalyptus and tonka bean cocktail too - very good :+1:


Morning lovelies

Going to eat a fake bacon sandwich, take the dog out and do some work

Got a very annoying dry cough which I will keep
trying to medicate

Morning all, moved into a one bed flat in Birmingham over the weekend as I’ll be here for work for the next six months. Birmingham is a lot more interesting than I previously gave it credit for (based on unfounded prejudice) and I’m enjoying having my own place to roam around in but also bored AF so thinking about buying a stack of little Warhammer men and painting them.


Gonna go turn the soil at the allotment then take the kids to plant some onions and garlic :metal:


Morning all!

I spent all evening watching bands and drinking beers so I’m a touch hungover this morning.


Kind of weird maybe but as an American when I think of Birmingham it always comes back to the great UB40. Also associate Sabbath with Birmingham as well for some reason. Probably from Manchester the cunts

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Under strict orders to rest and drink fluids.

Need to pick the dried blood my nose.

Probabky pick up supplies and watch Chiefs - Dolphins

I’m actually from Manchester, which might explain why I had an inbuilt prejudice towards literally any city other than London (London!?).

Sabbath and UB40 are well represented here, there’s a bridge dedicated to the former and I’ve seen a mural of the latter already.

Morning everyone :wave:

Very exciting day coming up, including but not limited to; washing my hair, going the tip, going to Wickes, fitting our new fridge, putting all of our things into our new fridge, putting magnets on the new fridge, going to book club, Mac and cheese for tea!

I can hardly contain myself.

Hope u all have a lovely Sunday :smiling_face:


Love going to Wickes. Enjoy!


Big run done. Sister is 36 weeks pregnant and coming round to take loads of our baby stuff, probably the last time I’ll see her without a kid … Which is weird, now I think about it. Really want pecan pie and a Guinness Foreign Extra for tonight but don’t want to go anywhere that sells them.

Haven’t posted in a daily thread in ages.


Currently living my best Sunday life - by eating leftover pie for breakfast. Good fuel for a hike with the dogs in a bit (maybe).

Taking my youngest to the Brighton v Man Utd WSL game this evening.

As a Brighton season ticket holder, I’m definitely looking forward to the pizza more than the game.


Was feeling a bit better this morning but having to deal with dog vomit dampened that somewhat. Just need to forget about the experience before I go out for a nice lunch.

At Bents there is no white rolls and tbh I’m fucking fuming

Woke up feeling shan, hmph

Lazy day of no plans, will just finish my book, vibe to some music, and tidy up the embarrassment that the flat has become. I’ll be happy with that