The Swarm

Fresh off the end of the criminally underrated Atlanta, Donald Glover’s new show Swarm is coming to Amazon Prime on March 17th

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Planning on getting stuck into this at some point this week. Anyone watched it yet?

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Heard some mixed things but will start soon!

Finished it this weekend and have been thinking about it a lot since. It looks brilliant, the main performance is great, and I liked how each episode felt quite different. The best ones for me were the strippers, the cult (Billie Eilish was good in this), and the last. It’s definitely less straightforward than I initially gave it credit for.

But at the same time, I kept thinking this would have been better if edited into a 2-2.5 hour film (though you’d probably have to drop the 6th episode completely, which does have one really brilliant scene). It’s a bit hard to articulate why I think this. It’s a bit too long while not being long enough. Can see myself watching it all again though!