The sweet heavenly voice of Alexander Armstrong

Just to let you all know -

I left the comment “an abomination” on this video a while back. It picked up several likes.

Comments were then turned off.

I am happy with this exchange.


Amazing how many people think Fleet Foxes wrote this song.


That’s quite something.

Just assumed he did Buble type stuff.

This is so weird, is this the sort of thing people sing when they join choirs?

Pure Armstrong.

I notice he doesnt call himself Xander when trying to shift records. Twat

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All those weird auto-upload things seem to have had comments switched off, I’m afraid

Can see Osman releasing an album of comedy songs that are sort of funny as premises but quickly overstay their welcome

Ruined my day. Thought I’d got under his skin. Think I might just choose to believe that anyway

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Missed a trick not releasing a vocal version of the Pointless theme tune

This ain’t your grandpa’s Family Fortunes
That motherfucker’s values shall not be exhumed
Obscure answers are the name of this fuckin game
Get the score to zero or get outta here in shame.
Get off the bastard telly, if you answer Fonzarelli
In this round about Happy Days, the first of many

Open goal, tbh

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Might be why the decision was made across the board

“This guy’s too real! Bieber can’t handle the potential of such ire. Pull the plug on those comments, Don!”

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Seems a reasonable assumption. I am pretty real

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Reminds me of an intense Partridge singing Thank You For The Music right in Rebecca Front’s face.

Strange lyrics aren’t they

I like Alexander Armstrong


If there was a wrestler called The Brexiteer, this would be their walk on music.

Wait this really is a Fleet Foxes song. Thought that was a joke.


Weird that when you Google it this is the first version that comes up

Awful glee bollocks

Nah that’s Yoni Wolf

Quite mad the host of Pointless is covering a song by a band featuring a member of these


I’d probably buy it if he did an album of post-hardcore covers