The Talking Clock



When I was younger, my brothers convinced me my imaginary friend Little Finklish had the phone number 1-2-3. I ran up over half an hour of calls to the talking clock over the course of a fortnight, before my parents got the bill and told me to stop.

Any talking clock anecdotes?


Occasionally used to call it at old jobs if I had to look like I was making a phone call but didn’t want to. Doesn’t really work, as it’s only three numbers, and there’s always a risk it’ll be heard.

I think that happens in the Office actually.


Sub thread:
Did anyone used to dial 174 and then put the phone down?


I say I say I say, my cock can’t talk.

How does it smell?



This is a bad post


Don’t recall this. Was that a test thing that made the exchange ring you back?


Don’t badpost-shame me.


Used to dial it and then put the receiver down. Phone would then ring but there would be nobody there. Good trick was to dial it surreptitiously then ‘answer’ the phone and tell a family member they are wanted. Useful for getting your sister out of your favourite armchair


Ha, yeah I do recall something like this but didn’t remember the number at all!


I have a pretty much identical talking clack anecdote.