The Tapas Seven


the hateful eight


The small plate eight


The mini dine nine

  1. Ham and cheese croquetas
  2. Some bits of slimy cured meat
  3. Deep fried peppers
  4. Olives
  5. Lump of manchego with jam
  6. HcChhhchohhhrrizstho
  7. Monte Enebro with honey (Brindisa shout-out)


The I-don’t-get-up-until nine.


The Chop Sticks Six


the happy meal five.


The barbecue two


Tortilla Espanola, Aceitunas, Pulpo a Gallega, Pimientos Padrones, Queso (Idiazabal), Calamari, Boquerones


Heeeeey Boquerones!


Going tapas tonight. Annoyingly it’s with the in laws who DON’T KNOW HOW TO EAT TAPAS


The Bender in a Bun One


What do they just stare at it or something?


They order loads of it as one would with a normal meal out. Often including not sharing dishes. Very brexit


way too much disgusting seafood in there too.


Ah but that can be quite hard. At the aforementioned Brindisa their menu really doesn’t help you distinguish between mains and tapas, and since every dish costs £20 you can’t even do it on price.


Round of beers, get a couple plates. Another round of beers, another couple plates. Repeat until drunk and full. Go home. Easy


Yeah that can work. We’d normally go for three each since me and Mrs Filth are essentially Jack and Mrs Spratt.


The I’ve eaten plenty twenty


The Uncle Ben ten