The team captains on the quiz show

‘Would I lie to you?’ have been on the show so long now that they can’t possibly have any interesting true stories left, and therefore all of their stories now must be lies.
So they are indeed, lying to us
I know this is a lot to process, I’m sorry


its just David Mitchell pretending not to understand things really isn’t it

The only time Would I Lie To You? is worth watching is when Bob Mortimer’s on it. Thanks.

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I haven’t watched it for a while.

Maybe the burden of having to have funny/interesting/unusual things happen to them weighs heavy on Lee and David and they actually try and force situations to occur so that they might have a story? maybe it places great strain on their personal relationships as a result of this atypical behaviour they engage in to ‘force’ an event to happen?
makes u think, doesn’t it?

Jesus is that still going?