The Thermals have split up. I'm so sad


The Thermals are without a doubt safely nestled in my ‘top 5 bands of all time’ list.


Hutch confirms it here :
A press release for Kathy’s new project also refers to the band being over too.

Favourite Thermals songs? Favourite live clips?

I’ll start:
BEST ALBUM - Desperate Ground. it’s an album made completely of guitar chords! no guitar solos! this is crisp fucking songwriting!

Amazing setlist. Hutch seems like an intense guy - he gets a bit stroppy at the end…

I’ve been hooked since I heard this 6 years ago.



Shame. Seen them probably five or six times over the years. I think the first time was at The Bardens Boudoir below a furniture shop. Anyone go to their Highbury Garage gig four or five years ago? Literally one of the hottest gigs I’ve ever been to. Must have been above 35°C at the venue. The Thermals absolutely killed it that night. Brilliant gig. Great band. Shame they hung up their boots.


Yes. The only time I’ve seen them and it was an absolute blast. Shame they’ve split, would have liked to have seen them one more time.


i like the one with Jesus on the cover a lot

shame, would like to have seen em’


Oh what? Absolutely great band, always give their albums a listen since The Body, The Blood And The Machine. Something to enjoy on all of their albums other than Desperate Ground which was unexpectedly awful.

First band I ever saw at an ATP too. I remember thinking “Yes, this is a great festival, I will have fun here” and I did.

Here’s a playlist of some of their best


that’s a shame, the last few albums have been a bit weak though. I saw them retweeting something about the new Hop Along album earlier and thought for a moment they were announcing something.

They were the first band i saw at ATP, the first date(ish) i had with my now wife and saw them a number of times back in the day and spent many a DiS meetup screaming along with various songs of theirs.




great gig that, at probably my favourite ATP. I seem to remember Bamos getting a bit too over excited about seeing the Thermals.


NO. I remember watching them on a live stream of Pitchfork Festival in 2010(?) and thinking they were fucking brilliant. Have liked most everything they’ve done. I’ll never get to see them now!


Loved that song they wrote


Gutted that I never got to see them live, I’d imagine it would be sweaty singalong joyousness. great band great tunes etc


Saw them at the Roadhouse (RIP) in Manchester circa 2010/11 and they were very good.

More Parts Per Million is a great album, pretty much like anything of theirs from that era. Didn’t keep up to speed with much of their newer stuff tbh.


Came here to post this! First ATP vs the Fans?

Pillar Of Salt is on my fuzzy party playlist for all time. Banger.


Gutted. They were a great band, who never quite found the fame they deserved. A couple of my favorite songs of theirs:

I wasn’t also at that ATP show, a perfect start to the best ATP.


…could you not just buy a new pair of long johns


‘unexpectedly awful’ - get out. get out now!


How We Know is the one for me.

It’s a shame but I sort of hadn’t realised they were still around tbh.


Oops, only just noticed you said that was your fav


Sad I never got to seem them live but the last couple albums were a bit autopilot. Glad to see them split before they become zombie thermals


That’s a shame :frowning:

Saw them twice, bloody excellent band. Big fan of Forward from Fuckin’ A.