The Thermals have split up. I'm so sad

The Thermals are without a doubt safely nestled in my ‘top 5 bands of all time’ list.


Hutch confirms it here :
A press release for Kathy’s new project also refers to the band being over too.

Favourite Thermals songs? Favourite live clips?

I’ll start:
BEST ALBUM - Desperate Ground. it’s an album made completely of guitar chords! no guitar solos! this is crisp fucking songwriting!

Amazing setlist. Hutch seems like an intense guy - he gets a bit stroppy at the end…

I’ve been hooked since I heard this 6 years ago.



Shame. Seen them probably five or six times over the years. I think the first time was at The Bardens Boudoir below a furniture shop. Anyone go to their Highbury Garage gig four or five years ago? Literally one of the hottest gigs I’ve ever been to. Must have been above 35°C at the venue. The Thermals absolutely killed it that night. Brilliant gig. Great band. Shame they hung up their boots.

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Yes. The only time I’ve seen them and it was an absolute blast. Shame they’ve split, would have liked to have seen them one more time.

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i like the one with Jesus on the cover a lot

shame, would like to have seen em’

Oh what? Absolutely great band, always give their albums a listen since The Body, The Blood And The Machine. Something to enjoy on all of their albums other than Desperate Ground which was unexpectedly awful.

First band I ever saw at an ATP too. I remember thinking “Yes, this is a great festival, I will have fun here” and I did.

Here’s a playlist of some of their best

that’s a shame, the last few albums have been a bit weak though. I saw them retweeting something about the new Hop Along album earlier and thought for a moment they were announcing something.

They were the first band i saw at ATP, the first date(ish) i had with my now wife and saw them a number of times back in the day and spent many a DiS meetup screaming along with various songs of theirs.


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great gig that, at probably my favourite ATP. I seem to remember Bamos getting a bit too over excited about seeing the Thermals.


NO. I remember watching them on a live stream of Pitchfork Festival in 2010(?) and thinking they were fucking brilliant. Have liked most everything they’ve done. I’ll never get to see them now!

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Loved that song they wrote


Gutted that I never got to see them live, I’d imagine it would be sweaty singalong joyousness. great band great tunes etc

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Saw them at the Roadhouse (RIP) in Manchester circa 2010/11 and they were very good.

More Parts Per Million is a great album, pretty much like anything of theirs from that era. Didn’t keep up to speed with much of their newer stuff tbh.

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Came here to post this! First ATP vs the Fans?

Pillar Of Salt is on my fuzzy party playlist for all time. Banger.


Gutted. They were a great band, who never quite found the fame they deserved. A couple of my favorite songs of theirs:

I wasn’t also at that ATP show, a perfect start to the best ATP.


…could you not just buy a new pair of long johns

‘unexpectedly awful’ - get out. get out now!

How We Know is the one for me.

It’s a shame but I sort of hadn’t realised they were still around tbh.


Oops, only just noticed you said that was your fav

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Sad I never got to seem them live but the last couple albums were a bit autopilot. Glad to see them split before they become zombie thermals

That’s a shame :frowning:

Saw them twice, bloody excellent band. Big fan of Forward from Fuckin’ A.