The Thick of it

i found it a bit hard to get into at first but for that reason but found i learned a lot about politics from sticking with it.

i think the early episodes particularly can be a bit hard to follow if you’re not sure what’s going on.


Aye, I agree but the format and subject matter of the show isn’t ever going to capture an audience of indifferent people in the same way that something like Parks and Recreation can despite it ostensibly being a show about politics in some way as well.


I guess. I enjoy both shows but TTOI is a lot funnier imo. I probably just have a penchant for angry Scottish men.


*ignore the first ‘but’ plz


“I think you and I need to have a little talk. A proper talk, like when mummy explains why daddy’s going to be in the papers.”


“It is, as my dear old mum would say, - double wank and shit chips.”


I probably say “as useless as a marzipan dildo” at least once a week.


“Have you ever had to clean up your own mother’s piss?”


I think it’s an oddity because at a basic level it’s really just laughing at people making convoluted use of swearing. I mean I’ve always found it funny but it is fairly specific, particularly early on, in its use of politics. I think later it realised that there was a greater margin to being just anarchic and implying that all politicians are just floundering and useless. I felt when it started it was more aimed at being a modern Yes Minister.

If Peter S only watched a bit of the first series and didn’t really get into it that might be part of it?

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Actually I think it’s interesting how well some (all?) of Yes Minister’s scripts have held up. A lot of it still feels very likely in today’s climate, which is worrying.

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I think this seems like what happened. Saying that, I’ve heard/seen him on things before, and for someone who makes me laugh he doesn’t enjoy many of the same things I do. Funny when that happens.

It’s great but I slightly disagree re: bowing out at the right time. Like the wire it probably ought to have stopped one series earlier in my opinion, which is both honest and humble

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He wouldn’t find it funny.

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I would have said you’re right until Theresa May’s election campaign appeared to be designed entirely to make the final Nicola Murray series ring eerily accurate.


i would hope any uk based adult would know enough about politics to understand it.


4th series felt like a very different thing, i tend to think of it slightly separately from everything before it, but still enjoyed it an awful lot in a different way.

(did seem mildly jarring for Malcolm not to have left the job post-election loss though.)

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i would say the early episodes presume a fuller understanding of politics from the audience than the later episodes do (as it could, being a low budget BBC4 comedy at the time, presumably aimed particularly at politics nerds) so i think there are people who will have stopped there finding it a bit too indepth, when they would know enough to follow later episodes.

Jamie to Ben Swain after Newsnight with Paxo: “You don’t deserve to live!”

Just so much venom. Brilliant.


“The cameramen are laughing.”

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