The Thick of it

I would have said you’re right until Theresa May’s election campaign appeared to be designed entirely to make the final Nicola Murray series ring eerily accurate.


i would hope any uk based adult would know enough about politics to understand it.


4th series felt like a very different thing, i tend to think of it slightly separately from everything before it, but still enjoyed it an awful lot in a different way.

(did seem mildly jarring for Malcolm not to have left the job post-election loss though.)

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i would say the early episodes presume a fuller understanding of politics from the audience than the later episodes do (as it could, being a low budget BBC4 comedy at the time, presumably aimed particularly at politics nerds) so i think there are people who will have stopped there finding it a bit too indepth, when they would know enough to follow later episodes.

Jamie to Ben Swain after Newsnight with Paxo: “You don’t deserve to live!”

Just so much venom. Brilliant.


“The cameramen are laughing.”

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Jamie is amazing. “I’m not joking, I actually fucking hate you.”


“Now get to it, you fucking hippy. Or I will personally have you as a light supper.”

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“You can actually hear him blinking.”


“Maybe outside the polar ice caps have melted, maybe there’s fucking robots knocking about and Davina McCall’s the new pope. Maybe you can download rice!”

Ben Swain is the brunt of a lot of the best bits.


“Are you a horse?”

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‘Ben Swain, chancellor? He goes into debt any time he passes a sweet shop.’


“A surprising date? What the fuck does that mean? The titty-ninth of February? Flaptember the 4th? 8 BC?”


“Allow me to pop a jaunty little bonnet on your purview and ram it up your shitter with a lubricated horse cock.”

Goes around my head about 4 times a day.

What’s Giant Gaystacks doing here?


Best character…

  • Malcolm
  • Jamie
  • Peter Mannion
  • Steve Fleming
  • Other (specify) (you are wrong)

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Peter’s up there for me.

But one of the angry Scots has to have it.

Not my pick but surely Julius is an acceptable answer.

“You fools, these are good biscuits and they cost £4.”


Did consider putting him in, he’s a justifiable ‘Other’. Not in it enough imo to be one of the best, and not as memorable as Steve’s immense anger.

Look at what I’m doing. I’m eating the onion bhaji.


‘come out of the cupboard hugh’


“Ah, Stewart. What flavour of nut-brown piss are you going to pour in my ear?”

I bloody love Stewart though. I find myself saying “Knowledge is Porridge” far too much. :smiley:

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