The Thick of it

Yes Stewart’s another good call.

Anyone find it a little difficult to watch the Hugh series now, despite it obviously being hilarious?

Stewart: Ah, Peter! Getting the old adrenaline pumping, eh? Assuming it can squeeze past the port and stilton.
Peter: Shut the fuck up, you prancing shit!


She’s going to have to fall on her sword. Which means that we have to stick one in the ground, trip her onto it and get someone to jump up and down on her back for ten minutes.

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I was bored a few weeks back so flicking through Netflix I thought I might as well watch the last series again. I was surprised how fast I started laughing.

can’t see paxman without laughing at ‘rubbery horseface of mock incredulity’. so fucking perfect

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The specials are some of the best TV ever made I reckon, and the first two series are perfect.

The show really missed Langham when it went back to normal though, the stupid paedo. I’m not sure Nicola Murray’s character was the right way to go, even if I can understand that they were trying to make a valid point about how the younger members of the managerial class of the Labour Party were (and still are) completely incompetent.

That said I thought the Labour bits of series 4 were really great. “Sam hi. Listen can you do me a favour? Buy some flowers for Nicola fucking Murray. Yeah, have them delivered to her home this evening with a card that says ‘sorry you had to go, but let’s face it, you are a fucking waste of skin’. Waste of skin, yeah.”


Yeah, it’s an odd one. I definitely erred on the side of him being mostly ‘innocent’ until I saw an interview with him where he basically said he didn’t really have a problem with anything he’d done. Not cool, m3.

“You take the piss out of Al Jolson again, and I will remove your iPod from its tiny nano-sheath and push it up your cock. Then I’ll put some speakers up your arse and put it on to shuffle with my fucking fist! Then, every time I hear something that I don’t like, which will be every time that something comes on, I will skip to the next track by crushing your balls.”


With a few years under the bridge from there that last series seems to me to capture the ridiculous essence of the coalition pretty well.

I’m sure Rebecca Front would be flattered to be described as “young”. That character looked to me to be written up from scratch.

Well, young compared to all the other MPs in the show except Benno and the Lib Dems

“Secure? He’s about as secure as a hymen in a south London comprehensive.”

“How are the maintain payments on your bastard? Christ that was 12 years ago!..This is the trouble with the public, they’re fucking horrible.”

“Ben Swain, Benign tumour, Bental illness!”

“Pumpkin ticks”

“Well that’s given us an unexpected headstart. I would kill you but I’d have to add you to the fucking figures”

I still like them block booking 14 meeting rooms so Terri won’t find them.


It’s not a line, but John Duggan (JD, rebranded) in season 3, every scene he’s in, Miles Jupp is obviously having so much fun. :smiley: Genuinely think there’s one point he’s trying not to corpse as Malcolm flays him alive.

“Oi, twat-features! I mean that, literally.”


I think I adore Miles Jupp. He’s brilliant in this, and whenever he’s on a panel show he’s just sat there pissing himself.


When he’s being really creepy to Helen later on as well and talking about his last wife being a “muggle.” :smiley:

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“I bet he pays for it. Is he a gaylord?”

Yeah I like him a lot. Makes The News Quiz worth listening to

Reduce the deficit with spending cuts

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Watching the two specials this evening because of this thread. So good.


One of those rare comedies that I can never tire of watching…