The thoughts of the wild hog


What might a wild hog think? Speculate in here with @anon30627475


how different do you think the thought process of the wild hog is from the domesticated hog?




Not much when I have glided over him and unleashed an arrow straight through his brain.


Good grief!


Are you playing Far Cry 5?


Sorry, or her.




Ah yes, of course.


Is a common warthog a wild hog?


wonder if they are also shocked by how big some of them get


when my mum was a child, she lived in a house in a forest with a wild hog (or was it domesticated since it lived with humans?). there’s pictures of her playing with it.

I’d speculate that the hog enjoyed itself.

I’m not sure if they ate it eventually.


I’ve googled it, and it is


Bebop was a mutation of a wild hog. Do hogs like jazz?


As much as rhinos love rock and roll I’d wager.




I bet they’re a real boar


Do they enjoy listening to Tusk, or have I just been hearing some scurrilous Rumours?