The thread for Thursday evening


I hope no one else is doing this at the same time as me.

What’s going on with you tonight? I’m on a train! To London! To see a band!


Phew! I’m safe!

Yeah, anyway, I’m going to see Le Superhomard, who are playing at the French Institute, and apparently they’re on at 7.30. I read that there’s going to be a Q&A afterwards but if it turns out to be all in French I won’t be staying.

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hi rob!

Who are seeing? Lovely looking day out there


oh you just said oops sorry


The weather really picked up, hey?! I took a couple of pics from my manx travels today so thought i would share


I’m going to run a bath and then I might chat to you folks or I might play some videogames not sure


that’s a pretty cool castle!

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I was so concerned about getting the thread before anyone else I left out all the important details from my first post. What a saddo :confused:

Anyway, Le Superhomard - they’re like a cross between the Cardigans and Stereolab which pretty much make them my ideal band. They’re playing in Brighton next month too (which I didn’t know when I booked the London ticket, obvs)

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sounds like fun I hope you have a good time!

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Any cars without tails about?

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just gonna watch the snooker on my 28" Salora flatscreen


The car alarm has stopped! I went out and had a look and there’s a note on the windscreen saying ‘sorry about the alarm, I’ve disabled it now’. Well that’s great hun but could you have done it 20 hours ago?

Can’t decide whether to go to the gym or eat spaghetti bolognese.


Just had torrential hail. Absolute scenes in north west leeds


Annoyed I didn’t book to see Endgame tonight, so I’m getting my Paul Rudd on with Ant Man & the Wasp.

Randall Park is also so good.

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Was going to buy a chair but they jacked up the price


Seeing Weyes Blood later tonight.


Car alarms are far bigger problem than car theft in my book


Really want the new Lizzo t-shirt :heart_eyes:


Just had my arm sliced open by the cat. Cat met me at the door, purring away, picked him up and then a motorbike decided to roar past.

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top castle.

I’m goin on a cycling holiday on the IoM after motorcycle season ends. any recommendations for very cheap stuff to do in the evenings?

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