The thread for Thursday evening

Just fondly remembering my German classes. Goodmemories

Finally think I’m happy with this thing I’m writing. Also work was a lot easier this week (cause I was less distracted by feeling sad and tired) aaaand I found a cool sample I want to make music out of

Coffee please. Bam have you seen that Bruce Springsteen has a new record coming out?

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no I haven’t! Just assumed everything he did after born in the usa was probably rubbish

It’s not.

I’ve made two threads on the music board this evening. Do I lose my AAA social board backstage pass?

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Coffee please

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how do you like it?

Coffee? At this time of night? I’d never get to sleep!

well I’m having a tea personally but tilters wants a coffee

Totally mad

i like mine with a kissss

Milk no sugar thank you!

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Can I have a glas of water.

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oh same here!

and I think that was about eggs :slight_smile:

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of course you can!

Everyone is so generous on here. Love it.


this has absolutely done me.


pretty sure I have smelt this plant at some point

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just absolutely wasn’t expecting to read about a bush smelling of cum tonight.


Can someone tell me to go to sleep ffs

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