The thread of Friday evening

I’ve had an annoying day. Please tell me about your days so I can forget about mine


Mine started by discovering that one of the dogs had pooped all over the utility room, so that was nice. Then got rained on for the three dog walks I’ve been on. Got a tip trip booked to sling the dog bedding, and may fit in a Lidl trip on the way back to try out some of that Greek goodness.

In other news, I’m watching Squid Game. Quite good isn’t it?

I mean jesus, mine wasn’t that annoying, I feel bad for complaining now


hi froglet and co.

don’t really have anything going on tonight. was considering just working through but i need something that nobody is gonna sort out til monday, welp. just drank a ‘pina colada cider’ :tropical_drink: and now i will be switching back to regularly scheduled beer programming. might watch some telly, might read my UFO book. dunno. :thinking: quite fancy a chinese.

eric xo

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Just stopped £456 of meat wandering out the door, then another stop of £120 of vodka straight after. Just wrapping up and then holiday for a week. Woop


My ears are burning

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Probably going to lie here watching the e-sports and not eating ice cream until I fall asleep without getting a text back confirming the weekend plans I’ve been looking forward to all week. Standard.

Two labradors, with a penchant for eating all sorts, and sensitive stomachs. It’s a semi regular thing tbh. Doesn’t make it any less minging mind you…

It’s raining! Proper rain as well :umbrella::umbrella:

(Obviously we went round to water the mother in law’s plants earlier)



Pervo nicked your log in?


Think he’s saying his dick is worth just under 5 ton

Ah, yeah ofc. Modest epimer

Hey hey!

So it dawned on me about an hour ago that my apathy was probably just low sugar, not having eaten anything sweet for days, so I scoured the house for sweets or confectionery, and now I feel MUCH better

Meeting @grievoustim for a tasty beer or two or three in about an hour (and maybe @shes_so_high too?)


Heard it’s £1000 a gram in the best restaurants so sounds about right

Sorry I’ve just bailed as we’ve eaten and are now on our way home. I’m around next week though (and will try to make it for drinks with @weeber tomorrow).


End of week not COP Friday
I read it is as before Monday start if I’m behind

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I normally find people mean sometime in the next week or two when they say end of the week. If it’s my deadline I’m stressed to high heck, but if it’s someone else deadline, what does it even matter, it’s gonna get done sometime, right?


One of those days where I managed to get very little done. Not my favourite day. Still, having aubergine curry, so that’s good.