The thread of friday


Been up since 6 with a cracking headache so went for a walk around the park and listened to some music. Quite a nice way to start the morning. Got loads of work to do so starting an hour early. No plans for tonight or the weekend really except to sort my life out and try and catch up on sleep.

Woss gahn on wiv yow?

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Taking Dr Mrs Epimer to the doctorb.

Working (today)

Playing a board game with a pal (tomorrow).

Going to That London to see another pal (Sunday)

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Have no breakfast in the flat so I’m going to head out for a walk and pick up some pastries while I’m out :croissant:

Probably going to spend most of the day doing jobs around the flat that are building up :hammer:

Then if the weather is alright we’re gonna spend the evening out on the marshes with some friends and some pizza :pizza: :beer:

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Morning Eric and pals

Haircut this morning because why have it cut on a day without torrential rain :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Tried to sleep the whole night on my back to see if it helped my shoulder, my god it’s hard to sleep on your back.

In theory off to bluedot on Sunday but idk :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just saw the whalley range pigeon guy again, pidge sure gets a lot of secondhand smoke from his buddy sitting there

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One of my sink pipes has burst and it looks like I’m going to have to replace all the carpet in my house. Today can only get better…


Wife wants to pop into Brum. So we shall be doing that.

Need to get a bit of shopping for the next few days.

Need to do a bit of water Lego on the upstairs toilet.

Need to take the small, furry animal for a walk.

Not up for this today. Not even got anything to look forward too for tea, pastabake that I have to make, brilliant.

Morning all!

It’s The Child’s last day at nursery so we were up early making a card and buying Malteasers from Tesco.

It’s much chillier this morning and I am wearing jeans for the first time in a week.

I’m going to do a little bit of admin and then crack on with Hitman 3.

Might make paneer pie for tea.

Morning :blush:

Need to go and check on my Nanna’s house this morning, then think I’m gonna go to the station and get a train to Gloucester. It’s only ten minutes away and I think I need a change of scene for a few hours.

Started Nathan For You last night, v good innit.


Been at work since 7, reckon that’s enough for today. New Jamie T record is out so that’ll keep me busy for a bit.

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Really excited because husband managed to get the third bedroom painted and it’s going to be my office. Also a bit concerned that it’s dark but I do find this shade of green very very soothing


My kitchen is this colour (or v close anyway)

I like it

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Hi everyone

V tired today

Just getting through work. Gonna have a pint or 2 with @rob.orch later, hmu if you want to come and raise a glass to Moonlight :black_cat:


Might have to put my jeans on for the first time in a few weeks actually. Bit chilly out there.

Is this a lunch time thing or later?

Evening (I hope). Only very high level plans have been made - no fixed time, and no location yet, except not too near the beach which will be overrun with Fatboy Slim fans


Yeah evening, are you about?

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Morning all.

Bulb’s gone in my office and I don’t have a replacement right now. Might claim my camera’s not working for all my meetings today, I need good lighting.

Real waste of a selfie thread 50-liker, this.