The Thread of Regret

This is a light-hearted thread, OK? It is for tales of when you had the chance to do something that could have been fun but didn’t, and is absolutely not for anything deep and meaningful. Sorry.

My brother loves karaoke and at his wedding party last year he had a karaoke DJ, or what have you. People were getting into it, but it’s not my thing. I was idly looking down the list of songs you could pick and there, inexplicably nestled between the Dancing Queens, Roxannes and Sweet Carolines, was Toxicity by SOAD. I sincerely regret not having the guts to stand there and smash out “Now, what do you own the world, how do you own disorder…” to a load of bewildered wedding goers, and I will almost certainly never get the chance again. Reckon I would have nailed it too. Oh well.


I missed the Secret Santa thread last year :frowning:

I regret being too hungover to go see Sash! DJ on my first ‘lads holiday’ in Gran Canaria.

I regret my posts

i’d put your name on top
and every line after it

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^^^What she said

This is very much against the spirit of the thread, I have to say.

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Kinda regret posting it now :thinking:

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