The thread of Wednes

Good morning.

I can’t stop laughing at the name of this toy.

Might be because its early though





Baby day innit


You are having one or you’re spending the day with one?

Are you not enlightened?


The former

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Oooh, well big time good luck / congrats as appropriate

Well this match is a walkover.

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Lots of love to you and Mrs richt xx hope all goes well


How the hell is it only Wednesday?? I need a weekend so badly.


Morning all
Hope all goes well with you + Mama T @rich-t

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All the best to Mrs and Mr @rich-t

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Uni this morning and i still need to do more reading before it, then an afternoon of work meetings that clash with a work deadline :woman_shrugging:

Need to work out the angle of my laptop so my class cant see me crocheting during the lecture.


Back seized up a few weeks ago to the point I couldn’t get out of bed let alone go to work.
Been having weird aching uncomfortable sensation in my left back mid section/lower and left side of chest and it hurrrrrrrts when I move too much.

Just taken a cocodamol and hoping for the best. Some times I wonder if I’ve had covid already and this is long covid. Last time my back got fucked I was coughing quite a lot a long side it.

Happy Baby Day!

Oh my gooood I have so much to do today, massive deadline tonight and I’ve been putting it off too much. Had one of those typical things as a freelancer where several different projects and jobs pop up in the same week last week, and I didn’t take it quite seriously enough so now here we are.

On the bright side I’m quite close to finishing the thing I’m knitting for @arthurvine.


It’s such an uncomfortable constant dull pain

Best of luck to you both/all :heart:

Sounds identical to what I had the other week

Interesting and some what reassuring x