The Thready Brek: The Porridge Thread

Are you into porridge?

  • Big time atm yeah
  • Not so much right now
  • Never have been, never will be
  • I have been in the past but right now I hate it
  • I’m loving it but I always have
  • Never tried it
  • Other (please state)

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Favourite instant porridge type

  • Golden Syrup
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Regular
  • Some fruit shit
  • Other

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Sometimes I like those instant pots, golden syrup flavour, but only very occasionally.

Done with this thread now, only started it so I could say Thready Brek, mods please close


Ears and porridge. Where will this end?

I’m with Terry Pratchett. The perfect portmanteau of Putrid, hORRId sluDGE.

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That’s it

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Used to have a porridge pot every day in work. Then one Christmas someone bought in a humongous sack of guerlain chocolates and let me tell you a guerlain or two popped in a pot of plain hot porridge of a pretty good way to start your day


I do not participate in instant


I like your new avatar

I went through a phase of having giant buttons on my porridge. A few in the bottom of the bowl too. I justified it that it got me to eat breakfast which I never used to do.

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Was brought up on porridge as a kid. Every morning a bowl of lukewarm grey, lumpy tasteless slurry.

I will never ever have porridge again.


Eat porridge pretty much every day.

Absolutely no need for instant shite.

Jumbo oats, coconut milk, banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, chia seeds. Delicious.


Never done anything but instant, wouldn’t even know where to start

Aldi sell some great porridge

Find it’s best to soak the porridge oats in milk overnight. Just needs a minute or so in the microwave then and you’re done

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i like porridge and honey. the bear’s choice

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Is this what people mean when they say ‘overnight oats’

It’s honestly one of those things that’s not difficult and worth it.

50g of oats, 200ml of milk, let it simmer on low for 7 mins. Add your toppings.

@RoverHendrix whilst I agree that’s a good porridge you shouldn’t be microwaving it or doing anything overnight.

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I used to be semi into porridge and then I went to Belfast for work and went to a breakfast meeting (!?) and there was porridge with whisky and honey and it was so nice I haven’t wanted porridge since.

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