The Thursday Evening Thread

Coming to you live from the bowels of hell!! :fire: Hiya :wave: I no longer have a human form. I have melted into a gloopy mass of flesh.

How are ya doing? I have cherry beer. It is pink. All good things are pink.


The TV got me some new swimming shorts for me birthday and I’m wearing a yellow t shirt. Had some chuggers knock the door and when I answered they said “oh it’s David Hasselhoff”. I mean I do look like a lifeguard but, no, not him.

Umm, having a beer and pizza and comforting the baby this eve I think.


Made a halloumi salad. Time for ice cream now I think.

Flat’s a right mess but it’s too warm to sort it.


Hmmmm I’m half cut


too hot for the laptop to be on

Quelle surprise


my legs

o how they burn

Currently crashed out on the sofa, drinking a beer and watching Glow.

Made chocolate stout banana pudding earlier and have already eaten half of the batch.

Heading out to go to a gig shortly. Still thinking of wearing jeans tbh…

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Another evening of pure work. On the train to London. Lady opposite asked me to stop sniffing and blow my nose earlier. I pointed out that I’d gone through a pack of tissues already and apologised for my allergies. Can’t cope with this week.

Celebrating you and mutes b’day :+1::beers:

High fleshy blob that was formerly @witches. Hi everyone else.

Sitting on the sofa watching The Conjuring 2 at the moment. May move to get a cold drink and/or have a shower, but that’s it for tonight.


Had mum’s lasagne which is her best effort in the kitchen, then a salted caramel Haagen daas lolly. Love being at home. Now finishing off AQOS and booking some more hostels for my trip. The planning is endless.

I’m impressed that you don’t say more stupid things on here given how much time you are drunk

Sounds incredible :drooling_face:

A day late? Typical lopes!

Am I that drunk that often?!
I have people that filter all this shit for me! :grinning:

Better late than never paisan :beers::+1:

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It was a super easy recipe and considering it suggested using an imperial stout, I was surprised that it wasn’t too boozy!

Back from my reading group. It was good mostly because of the air conditioning.

Sitting in the garden listening to Guided By Voices again, not sure what else to do with my evenings rn.

There’s a nice breeze.

Man, enjoyed beering with you. And the rest of the lovely dissers I’ve met


God help us if your PA ever gets drunk :wink:

TdF highlights? Any chance to read?