The Thursday evening thread

It’s 6pm, time for the evening thread.

What are you doing? I’m starting the evening hoping that someone isn’t starting an identical thread right now.

feeling a bit depressed ,drinking alcohol isn’t really helping

Had an interview today, feel absolutely spent

Playing football

Off to Dortmund tomorrow, still don’t have tickets to the game

All in all feeling 5/10

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Almost at Edinburgh (and still working in the train, despite starting at 8:15 this morning :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Ten past six though, and still daylight. WE DID IT GUYS, WE BEAT WINTER!!!

Girlfriend is meeting me at the station though, going for a drink at Salt Horse :+1:


Still working.

Going to go to the supermarket soon for:

  • Cocktail Sausages
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 4 x premium lager, probably Stella.

Been sorting through a load of stuff at my mum and dad’s, then watched a load of This Time. Just had spicy bean burgers with halloumi and chips. Might have a cider and cook up a ham in a load of Dr Pepper for my work lunches. Not much going on all in all.

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After yesterday’s cow-on-the-line debacle today’s train drama sees me at a station I’ve never been at somewhere in Wales after a last minute unannounced train switcharoo on my platform. I wouldn’t mind but I would be on the right train only it was too full. I was one of the first people on the platform but because I didn’t happen to be standing exactly where one of the train doors lined up I didn’t get on. Don’t have any money either so I’m gonna have to throw myself on the mercy of the conductor in a minute.

Really quite annoyed at this point. Not a happy horse.

Evening Rob, everyone,

I took delivery of my monthly Northern Monk wanky beer box this morning; and I have one final episode of Black Lightning Season 2 to watch. All signs are that this should be a reasonable evening.

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Had the epimers pretty bad this afternoon. Tried texting and ringing my partner to ask her to get home sharp. She’d run out of battery 🤷. Reckon that’s pretty irresponsible. She doesnt charge it to 100%, so left to go to school with it on 24% apparently. Fuming. Probably being slightly unreasonable, but I’m not in a good way. Solo parenting with the shits is very tough.

So yeah, totally no evening plans

How’s the NM box? Mine is coming tomorrow.

Pretty sure the pub we’re going to has the hazelnut stout on!!!

Fuck it, going to watch The Thick Of It for the 74th time.


That was delicious.

This month’s box looks interesting - a bit more fruity stuff (fruited sour ale, pina colada milkshake IPA, Neapolitan ice cream pale ale), and a lovely looking stout (rye whiskey barrel aged cherry, coffee and almond).

Don’t know where to start really.


Still ill child. Still full of dread.

HOWEVER I’ve got Tibetan Kitchen for dinner so temporarily everything is just peachy.

What should I watch whilst I pretend to do my uni work?

Gonna make some curry and drink some wine and wait for my new cowboy game to install

@Scunner when are we getting to this? Is it on the list?

It is, and who knows. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Been out shopping for my Umbridge costume today. Still need a pink skirt, can’t find one (in my size) anywhere :weary: Got a really good jacket/blazer type thing though.

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Dinner, video games, masterchef, bed :man_shrugging: what else is there?

I feel you Bam. Sometimes laying off the sauce can be a good thing to give your brain a break!