The Thursday (lamp) post

Found myself a man

Quite boring but busy day ahead. But then once work is done my nice long weekend begins :partying_face:

What u upto huns? Got any lamp posts that are bothering you?


Just found out I’m working 3-11 instead of 12-8. And that my MIL has picked up covid so that ruins childcare next week. Good start to the day.


Already been out for a quick trot with the dog - quite mild out there this morning, if a little breezy still.

Off to work for a KIT day shortly. Quite nice to get dressed for work and feel like a productive member of society once every few months. The email with the details for today teased that we’d be back to finish our training ‘very soon’, so that’s hopeful.

Going to watch the Wolves tonight. I would say I’m looking forward to it but…

My department got told the terrible, terrible news that ahm oot yesterday, so I’m expecting to spend this morning fielding calls from distraught colleagues. Even though in the announcement meeting the big boss spent more time eulogising the recently retired filing software than me.




Boring lamppost anecdote:

When I was a kid the street where some of my family lived still had the original Victorian lampposts. The top parts had been changed when they switched from gas to electricity, but the posts were original. One day the Council installed modern ones and then a little later took the old ones away. I remember my great uncle being furious because the workmen told him that the Council had decided they’d move them to a posher area as they looked much nicer than the modern ones.

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so, good start to the day - wake up at 4am feeling like trash. come down, feed the dog, take an LFT and boom, there’s the reason right there.

COVID positive, innit. +45XP. Achivement unlocked.

anyway, fuck it.

When I was a young lad we used karate kick lampposts because they’d go out for a few seconds before coming back on. There was a street that had six of them fairly equally spaced and in a straight line and the aim was for one person to get them all out at the same time. Kids don’t do things like that these days, it’s all PlayStations now.


Really tempted to see if this still works tbh.


Alright? Pretty grey, bleak day down here. I’m doing some work and listening to Ty Segall for the first time so that’s nice. Leftover Chinese for lunch, might just have it now tbh.

Morning party people

Just a half day for me, so a couple of bits to do before lunchtime then I can switch off for a bit. Must remember to pick up Jimbo from school though (which is the point of me taking this half day)

Wife covid positive last night. Eldest covid positive this morning…They only had it in December!?..who is next?!
Have taken annual leave to look after the youngest (and everyone else).

Morning all!

I’m doing my third day working from work this week.

My exam class are handing over coursework and I asked Wor Lass to make a batch of cakes so there is a bit of party atmosphere in my (currently empty) classroom.


Today the baby sleeping on me is six months old. What the fuck?

Gonna read my book and take her for a long walk later. Tomorrow we begin giving her real food :scream:


Why do I ever bother listening to anything other than Fu Manchu? Pointless.



Best band. What album? Or is it a cheeky playlist for the lads?

Dogtown and Z-boys compilation and soundtrack album. Just going to work backwards chronologically for the rest of the day

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Lovely stuff.

Just paid for something to be bespoke framed. Whistles


Always costs more than you think, eh?

Whenever I buy a print these days I always check first to see if it’s A4 or another standard size so I can put it in a more affordable frame