the Thursday Thread (ThThTh) 4th March

TV gets their Vaxxy D today so feeling very very good about Science.

Youse all good?


Morning Sheeldz &etc

Absolutely nothing to report

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Morning sheeldz et al!

The Child had a nightmare at about 6.00 so have been awake watching Super Monsters since then.

I didn’t sleep that well - possibly related to aches from the vaccine yesterday but possibly just because.

I’ve got papers to mark and students to assess all day, and then we’re eating keema (probably).

I’m going to try to get Mogwai tickets too.



I’m absolutely aware of the irony here!

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Good morning, looking forward to the clocks going forward so I don’t get woken up so early and I can walk outside for longer in the evenings


Off today. Dropping daughter at nursery in a bit, then hopefully a walk, bit I’m not holding out much hope of that

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just remembered that in one part of my dream last night I was waiting in a queue (actually waiting for my number to be called to get served) in a coffee shop for what felt like 20 minutes in real time, just getting more and more frustrated at the dithering people in front of me and the total lack of urgency from the baristas

what an absolutely pointless way to eat up precious dream time


That’s impressive levels of commitment to the bit by your dreambrain. I’ve dreamt that I was on a bus or train more times than I can count and it is a dream entirely of sitting, commuting somewhere. Thanks



Got the cricket/cat on




Ooh, what channel is the cat on this morning?


Wfh today. Want to go back to sleep though, I was having some smashing dreams

Morning, temporarily buoyed by the relief of taking R out of the awful school and knowing that is the right decision. Even shrugged off my brother’s pass agg comments (of course he still isn’t even directly acknowledging me, so he speaks to R to get in his sniping at me).

Got some home school by stealth plans. PE (Andy’s Wild Workouts), maths (measurements for lunch cooking), phonics (the website with games he likes, if the school haven’t locked out his account).

Excited for the results of @Joke2000’s DiS song contest also, reckon my Norway pick might even have a chance of more than zero points!



Going to take my dad’s birthday presents over (although one of them is lost somewhere in the postal system).

Might go for a wee bike ride when I get back. If not, just take the dog for a lengthy perambulation.

Gonna treat myself to a bath this afternoon.

What happened with his school?

One too mamy incidents of them treating him and also me with a total lack of compassion, dignity and understanding and I had enough and I’m not letting them do that harm any more.

Have some tricky decisions about where he goes next now (the place I really want for him I can’t get him in unless named on his EHCP, which is months away if they even give it to him, and is the autism specialist part of a mainstream school. I could actually get him a place in their mainstream class right now [which is still where he would spend most of his time if admitted via the autism bit], but then because of pointless and cruel bureaucratic reasons he wouldn’t then be allowed to be readmitted via the autism hub later and I’m not sure I want to burn away that chance)

Cricket sans chat

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


My boyfriend had possible covid symptoms last night. Minor but like, what else is it going to be? We haven’t been anywhere

Don’t know how he is this morning yet as not sure if he’s awake and I slept in the spare room. I’m so anxious. Obviously I’m mainly afraid that he’s started feeling like shit but I’m also afraid that he’s feeling fine and won’t accept that he could be infectious. Had nightmares about arguing with him about staying in the bedroom.