the Thursday Thread (ThThTh) 4th March

I’m so pleased for you guys. So you’ll be homeschooling until he gets a school place? If you need any resources then I can give you the log in to our learning portal thingy and you can see what phonics week it is etc

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I had a dream that I had an extra bottle of milk delivered. Thrilling.

Sainsburys just came. Why did I decide to choose all healthy food and not a single treat?! Idiot past me.

Why would it specifically be covid and not any other illness?

Yep, home school until he is in somewhere else :+1:t2: (which is quite funny, just as every other child is going back to in person school).

Fingers crossed we have phonics down if they aren’t proactive/vindictive enough to revoke his access to what he does already.

Speech therapy is going to be the hardest thing to keep up because despite me asking for months they never gave me any support for those activities and I don’t really understand them :frowning:

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Pre-6am start thanks to the cat this morning, my precious baby etc

Had a couple of manic days at work so hopefully today will slide by without anyone wanting anything from me or even noticing I exist.

Twentieth Century Society lecture tonight. Liverpool this week, exciting.


Well anything we can do to help just let us know.

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Oh no that must be stressful. Have you looked into getting him tested?

Probably worth doing if you can.
Hope it’s something else and he feels better soon
Paracetamol should ease the symptoms

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I’m meant to be at that too but really grinds my gears in an age of virtual events that so many rule out parents by taking place over kids bedtimes. Going to keep her up late but who knows if she’ll let me listen to it.

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Because covid is more infectious than colds or flu and we really haven’t had much contact with anyone at all

Morning lovers

Sat having a coffee, listening to Dolly Parton and realised

Might light the Dolly prayer candle as well, really go for it. Also, we’re all gonna be nice and ignore the massive spot between my eyebrows, mmmmkay?

Big plans to be productive today. Big plans indeed.


Yes he’s said he’ll get one to give me peace of mind. He’s got a bit of a headache this morning but not feeling shivery now. I think he’s pissed off with me for making a big deal out of it but last night, even if he wasn’t feeling that rough, he was unwell enough to message me from bed asking me to bring him paracetamol, so I would rather not downplay the possibility, you know.

I think you’re right to take it as seriously as you are doing and treating him as if he has covid until tested otherwise. Hope it isn’t and that he feels better soon.


got two days off work. so going to be doing… all my freelance work :confused:

some days v grateful for the extra work and cash. today… is one of the other kinds of days


Getting a roll and sausage so that’s a good start


yeah this is what i will do, actually. gonna nip to greggs now. you have brightened my day with this idea

This might (not) help.

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Thank you :heart:

Sounds like completely the right decision. After this last year there’s so many resources out there for home schooling. From our research the best phonics game is apparently “Teach Your Monster To Read”. We got it too early and Jimbo ignored it, then came back to it once he’d got most of the sounds, but that was when he was learning elsewhere, so could be of more use to you.

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Just discovered I’d not plugged the fridge back in after I used that socket to hoover the office.

On Sunday.

Not a great first coffee of the day



checks watch

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