The time for [Lunch] is almost upon us

planik’s on tacos, I’m on a burrito. What are you on, eh?!

A swiss cheese plant, a rubber plant and some grapes?

I had soup for brunch approximately two hours ago. Im so sorry


Leftover pizza, an apple and a biscuit.

Got done cake to get me through the half three slump later.

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Cold, cold pizza

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Bacon sarnie (no sauce). Might have a second one.

Going to try and get an arepa if the stall is there today. If not then maybe some poutine, though that’s also stall dependant. Either way going to get something ridiculously gluttonous, full of cheese and entirely inappropriate for a work lunchtime.

Cheese and pickle sandwiches

( ••)
( •


Misery salad with what I thought were pomegranate seeds when I yammed a mouthful of them with some fish but were actually pink peppercorns :confounded:

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big fan of pea soup

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I’d also put extra pepper on the salad

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  • have a cheeky beer at lunch
  • nah think of the slump, man!

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coffee and eggs I think

I didn’t have any breakfast


the tacos were excellent but £7 for three :thinking:

gonna have to go to brockley market next weekend for one of their burritos

just had a bag of nik naks. could easily nail the whole six pack, no worries

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Mind even had a bite out of it…:thinking: