The time for noticing tennis is approaching



Funny you should say that. I was literally having that moment that happens every year when you think “Hmm Halep might be in with a shot.” So out in the 4th round to an absolute no-one for no good reason then :slight_smile:

Really hope Thiem and Zverev can get deep at RG.


Yeah me too, feels like we could end up with a random clay specialist like Ramos Vinolas in the final otherwise


Ach shit. Last thing we need is Nole rediscovering his mojo.




A star is born.

Also wtf is in it for Agassi coaching Nole now?


Now a good 8 years between the 2 youngest players with masters titles.
Agassi as a coach could be great value however it pans out, heard the rumours but didn’t see it actually happening


do feel like the celebrity coach thing might have jumped the shark now though


Pumped full of drugs, most of 'em.


Hope lisicki does better this year


Great for Nole, not seeing it for Agassi. If given the choice between taking top quality drugs in my luxury home, whilst taking time out every now and again to boff Steffi Graf, and schlepping around the world watching an angry loon joylessy winning tennis matches, and dealing with his guru getting in the way, then I think I know where my chips would fall.

Really hoping Sampras becomes Isner’s coach now. “John I’ve got a new strategy for you: serve even harder. That’s it.”


Injured. Not played since last year.




Well I didn’t know until I googled her. Shame.


Petra Kvitova back and in the RG main draw 6 months after being stabbed in the hand by that psycho.
bloody great news that. one of the nicest people in sport


Absolutely fantastic news isn’t it.

On the chaps’ side can Murray potentially beat Del Potro, Zverev, Stan and Nadal to lift his maiden French Open title, whilst shaking off mystery lurgy? No, obviously not. :slight_smile:




Have never liked Murray. Is somehow more unlikeable than Tim Henman, and just comes across as a bit of a wimp to be perfectly honest. Compared to the other recent greats of the game (nadal, fed, Djokovic), he’s easily a step below.


would just be happy for Murray to not lose too many of those final points. his half is quite hard to predict tho.
ridiculous how much of a favourite Nadal is


Also amusing that if Djokovic can’t get past Nadal then Murray somehow is still guaranteed to increase his rankings lead


I’ve been contributing to tennis messageboards for nearly two decades now, and I can tell you that in hot-take terms you’re not even getting off the starting line here.