The Today Friday Thread

I’m off to Canada today. I’ll be away from here for four weeks. Hope you have a good summer or so. Before I fly out mind, what’re your weekend plans?


Safe travels Sheeldz, and hope you have a great time in Canada.
Flying down to London shortly for the Neil young and Bob Dylan gig at Hyde park. Got a whole day of fun leading up to that.
Rest of the weekend we’ll just kick about London getting up to no good. :grinning::+1:


Morning Sheeldz, whereabouts in Canada are you off to? I’m flying out to Montreal next Saturday, and going on a 3 week road trip.

In the meantime, happy Neil Young/Bob Dylan day (followed by taking my kids to see Basement Jaxx play in a park tomorrow). Busy, busy weekend ahead.


Stayed up too late drinking whisky and watching Limmy then had to get up for a 6:15 gym class this morning :skull: Looking forward to hopefully getting Why? tickets in an hour.

Bf’s Dad is staying this weekend so we are going to eat nice food, go to Loch Lomond Highland Games and have a merry day out in Stirling. Happy Friday all :rainbow:


Ah, I bloody love Canada. Have a great time!

Will be watching the :bike: mainly

ooo. What’s your itenary? Did a Toronto - Montreal road trip a few years ago. Was brilliant.

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Can’t help but imagine Basement Jaxx having a great time on a roundabout now


Morning all. Happy Friday

I’m working at home this morning, and then also going to see Neil Young / Bob Dylan in Hyde Park.


Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto - Niagara Falls - Tobermory/Fathom Five National Park - Muskoka Lakes - Algonquin Provincial Park (where we have a cabin that is only accessible by kayak).

Can’t wait.

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:maple_leaf: mornin sheeldz :maple_leaf:

Ah, sounds amazing. Niagra is strangely reminiscent of an English seaside town. Amazingly bad waxworks place there.


On a different train to normal. Literally cannot move for Bromptons. Some of the fuckers haven’t even bothered to fold them!

Do a bit of good too, help an old lady cross a road or something.


Tea and toast is the most relaxing breakfast aint it.

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I’ll be the perfect gentleman all weekend

At the back of the bus, the seats are very close to those infront of me. Might as well just start kissing the back of this man’s head.

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Gonna shake it like you got no bones in your body?


Enjoy Canada sheeldz!

@weeber your kayak-accessible cottage sounds like heaven


Got on the train to go to work. Immediately remembered I’m meant to be at the dentist. Got off the train and now heading back.

Today is off to a great start.

I am a big supporter of bikes on trains, but this is really irritating

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