The too early Wednesday thread

Woke up at 4 thinking about pointless work stuff, not been able to sleep since. Did watch an hour long YouTube video though and now gonna read for a bit at least :open_book:

Hope everyone else slept better. Morning!

Barely slept thanks to the wild baby. Driving lessom later. Good morning JP!


Morning all :wave:

Why is it that, if I go to bed 20 minutes later I feel barely any difference in the morning, but if I wake up 20 minutes earlier I feel sleepy and gross? Morning everyone!

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Cars in for a service so I need to get up and drop it off, off out for dinner with my boss tonight.

Pretty tired


Too wet. Too windy. (Too Wednesday.)

Bought some jumbo oats to make my porridge with and it’s an absolute gamechanger.

3 month old baby is being grizzly as fuck. Thought they were meant to stop crying loads weeks ago?? :roll_eyes:

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The Child could say her name by that point - are you even trying?

Not really. They never stop crying for long.


I’m so cosy :relaxed: I have to get up immediately and walk for over an hour in the horrible relelentless rain :cloud_with_rain: I’ve got to give a presentation to people who scare me. Got to have team lunch with people I don’t really like. Got to go into another meeting until the end of the day. That leaves me no time not being around people. Desire to ring in sick: 100%

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Morning all!

I was also awake at 4 for sugar reasons but didn’t get back to sleep until about 6.

No classes today but a tonne of marking and preparation to clear.

Wor Lass is going out to see Laurence Chaney tonight so I’m on bedtime duty for the fifth consecutive evening.

Can I get your lunch if you ring in sick?


Morning. Sounds like I had a lie in compared to most - didn’t wake up until 430!

Salted caramel Lindor in my advent calendar so that’s something.

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Only if you ring in sick for me?

This would be such a good service and I’d be off sick a lot more if there was a calling your boss broker service

PM me the number and I’ll call for you.

Do you need me to give anything specific as a reason or can I just tell them you have The Xmas Squits or something?

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We’re sort of expected to still work from home when sick so something that makes that not possible please. Like my eyes have turned upside down in the night and they’ll take 72 hours to reset and I can’t read anything in the meantime. Seems legit.


Had a bit of a lie in today - just woke up now

Was supposed to spend today stressing to finish a thing for a meeting tomorrow morning but got an email that the person I’m meeting is sick & the meeting is moved to Monday

This person is never, ever sick and today is 6 days since their office Christmas party, hmm

Odds on them being well/out of quarantine by Monday morning?

This is how I described a night with A to a friend recently.

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 08-10-32 WhatsApp

She is the best thing ever.


Incendiary Xmas Squits accompanied by inexplicable chronic laziness - that sounds more plausible.


Got in from a nightshift at 5.30, solo parenting from 7.30 this morning. V, v tired now. Did my back in again, not as bad as last week, buy enough to inconvenience

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Yesterday: shit

Today: looks like another clusterfuck’s back on the menu, boys!

:weary: :weary: :weary: thank god I’ve got a can of Monster for an early morning sugar rush. Fuck’s sakeeeee