The Traitors (BBC)

Claudia Winkleman in a massive castle with loads of donkeys who are desperate to be famous and £120k up for grabs for the snidiest bastard. What’s not to like.

Anyone bothering?

I am, quite enjoyed last night, Claud immediately binning two of them to their complete disbelief before they’ve even got in the castle genuinely shocked me. Not arsed about the challenges but down for the deception and murder.


got as far as them arriving at the castle and had to turn it off

no one has ever ever been that excited to go on the train to scotland


François Bourgeois wants a word


It’s shit but The Mole on Netflix, and the original from 20 years ago, are good

Got it on now. Is one of them the murderer and they have to work it out?

3 of them are ‘traitors’

Big fan of CW but not sure I’m up for this.

Watched the trailer and can’t say that I’m eager to watch more. I’ve heard the recent Australian season is quite good so I might give that a watch first.

Checking that @Mert_Aksac is watching this as I think it’d be right up his Straße.


I saw the trailer last night and knew I’d love it, gonna get on it soon


I’m hooked but my god they are all awful

Particularly John in episode 3…:rage:


Yeah I couldn’t tell if that was just tensions running high or if he’s just a prick but veering to the latter.

Fully hooked, though. Even if every episode is the same thing with a challenge thrown in for fluff. Intrigued by the new twist - will they pick 2 of them traitors and one faithful then just kill of the faithful?

Seemed like he got a bit flushed with confidence when everyone voted him most likely to be a faithful in the task and felt emboldened to go off like that.

The round table bits are fascinating, how people just follow the group. Alyssa and Amanda, they are playing it well. Must be so easy to overthink your strategy as a traitor, really interested to see how they play the trial

Feel a bit sorry for Fay, they all hate her and I don’t know why. She was really bad at that bell ringing task.

Highlight of the fjrst ep was that lad being sick from the tension


This is utter shit, I love it


I’ve got an idea why they hate Fay, I mean when you look at the first two people they banished there’s some pretty ugly stuff going on in this programme.

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Wasn’t going to watch this til my wife told me it was just a big game of Werewolf. Really enjoying it but the haunted choruses of the pop hits of yesteryear really make me laugh


I love this program, I don’t watch much reality TV but I was missing something like this after they said The Circle UK was ending. Love the OTT drama of people crying because somebody they’ve known for 2 days gets kicked out. Also love the whole castle/murder mystery vibe of it

None of the contestants are particularly likeable, find myself routing for the Traitors mostly

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Haha, I love these bellends.

Best thing on the telly by a mile.

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