The trend of organizations sending out emails from personal address rather than an organisational one

“Oh, an email from Mike… but I don’t know a Mike…oh it’s not Mike it’s some organization that does petitions”

Serves me right for trying to save donkeys 7 years ago or whatever. I suppose I could start a petition to get it to stop.

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Yes! I get them regularly from Kayleigh from Crisis

Thingy from Cornerstone. Laura, Lucy or something.

Rebecca from Amnesty, although she seems to get results - she emailed last night asking for support for the campaign to free Chelsea Manning, and it was announced that the sentence was commuted about 15 minutes later.

i got that one! ignored it but got away with it this time

Hayley from Shelter. Brooke from Thread.

Jimmy from Wikipedia

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Faye from Steps

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A guy I know from band days works at one of the charities I donate to so I keep seeing his name in my emails and then realising it’s just more info from them.

@sean from drownedinsound

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classic mike

It’s like an editor’s letter, innit? Happy to not do it but most services are set up for it to come from a person.

i hate when those petition ones put your name in the subject line as well. or when you get junk mail in the post where they’ve printed your name into their leaflet. so creepy.

The lady from hungry house on a friday night


I tell you what is clever is that the PPI fuckers or whoever reroute through a local number. They have tricked me a few times.

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Nah, don’t worry about it big guy. Genuinely though, I see those newsletters from you and think “oh, sean’s messaged me, that’s nice, I wonder what he wants me for”.

There’s a DiS newsletter? :open_mouth: :thinking: :smirk:

The “This Week’s Independent Music Monday Playlist”

perhaps calling a newsletter was misleading.

When I was waiting for a call from the dealer to say my car was ready to collect, I got caught out 3 or 4 times.

(Then when they did call, it wasn’t from the area code I was expecting :confused:)