The Trip to Spain


New series coming soon!
Let’s talk about how very good it is and post clips of it



Oh, and it’s on Sky Atlantic this time :frowning:


Can’t watch it then


Are they gonna do all the impressions again?


I hope so Eric, I really do


I hope they do michael caine




gentlemen, to bed! for at daybreak i will breakfast


On Sky Atlantic, so fuck it.


here’s a teaser:

Coogan was the guest on this weeks Adam Buxton podcast which was really good, and talked a bit about how they make The Trip which was interesting.


looks like all the episodes have been made available on now tv


@balonz is a fucking cunt


That barbecue place looked very tasty


@balonz yes mate, more of the same isn’t it. The barbecue place looked very good imo


Someone told me that they’d heard that Coogan looked a bit thin. I think it’s probably because he gave up the booze.


@Balonz ahhhhhhh suffer!


Any opinions on the Trip to Spain, anyone?


bloody internet stop being so silly!


Take it to the “The Trip to Spain - OFFICIAL” thread…