The Trip to Spain

Watched the new episodes whilst suffering in bed with a virus. It’s good, but not as good as the previous two seasons - and the ending is rather bizarre.


Just watched S3 episode 1 and I will say THIS:

Coogan/Coogan stand-in driver (?) has APPALLING lane discipline

enjoyed it on the whole but yeah sadly not really a patch on the last 2 seasons

yeah I noticed this too - all over the place

Can’t find anywhere to dl this :disappointed:



It was fine if you liked the 1st 2 series, but all a bit diminishing returns

Nothing as stand out funny as “We rise at 8 for 8:30” or the different tones of newsreader voice

you didn’t let me finish

…because I haven’t looked


Can’t get into it.

Oh forgot about this. Still have the Now TV sub running so we’ll check this out I guess, although I’m fairly depressed that Coogan will lay into Murdoch’s empire for being so evil in newspaper form, then sell his show to their TV channel.

did they do the impressions again

I’m actually really enjoying S3. Same ol shit obviously but feels a lot stronger than S2.

Finally got round to watching this. Loved it as usual, the Mick Jagger impressions were an extremely welcome addition, was in stitches at them every time. Brydon’s chorizo/grandmother like was a massive highlight as well.

What did everyone think of that ending though? Weirdly incongruous, mirage/dream type of deal?

The ending kind of spoilt it for me, it was so surreal - didn’t fit with the rest of it.

Is this available on a non-Murdoch affiliated medium yet? Haven’t even been able to find a torrent for it anywhere.

it’s on pirate boy

Awesome, thanks!