The Truth is Out There 👽 (Rolling alien thread)


As said at the time by me and likely hundreds of people more, the Oumuamua thing was basically the plot of Rendezvous with Rama

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Fucking love this story because the obvious initial reaction is “oh shit” followed by the rapid realisation that they’re literally just making stuff up.


Ever seen a UFO?

  • Yes, trust no one
  • No
  • It was actually a super secret military aircraft

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The object was called Rama by researchers before it was given the official name of Oumuamua.

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I drove up the M23 in the fog and saw some mysterious lights in the sky, and didn’t click that it was probably just a plane at Gatwick until a few hours later

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Or was it?

Doo doo do do do dooooo :flying_saucer:


Anyway, while I haven’t seen an alien or a UFO and don’t believe anyone who says they have, you’d have to be either very small minded or believe in incredible coincidences to think that the only life in the whole universe was on this little planet of ours, and that everywhere else was just gas and rock.


Timing is the sticking point, innit.


This is still the best thing ever on television


Quite like the phenomena of people mistaking the exhaust from a rocket being lit by the sun at high altitudes as evidence of a UFO

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My favourite bit in this is where the chap shows DD all these “leaked” documents from the “FBI” about himself, but if you look closely they’re riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

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Sounds like one of the final levels of Half Life tbh


FDR met them in the 40s and signed a peace treaty

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According to google the universe has been around for 13.8 billion years (although that number is from last year, so maybe it’s 13,800,000,001 years now). The aliens have had more plenty of time.


Yep, plenty of time to destroy their civilisation leaving only ashes while we were still flopping about the beaches and wondering if this leaving the sea thing was all it’s cracked up to be.

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But the assumption there is that once a civilisation has been established that it survives indefinitely. Our only data on civilisations is that they exist for a finite amount of time. Even if they don’t, the amount of time that human beings have existed and been capable of, for example, detecting radio waves is an absurdly small fraction of the age of the universe.


The universe is too big for them to find us as well, I saw a picture of it and it was ENORMOUS.


OK, so fundamentally you agree that there’s a good likelihood that if there aren’t aliens now, there have been in the past or could be in the future?


I think it’s almost certain that alien life has, does or will exist. I think it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll ever see evidence of it unless it’s in our own solar system.