The Try Guys

Big news, Ned left. No video response yet, this one was from 3 days ago.

  • I watch The Try Guys
  • I know of The Try Guys
  • I learned about who The Try Guys are very recently
  • I don’t know who The Try Guys are
  • Other

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they’re quite try-ing

Thanks for reminding me to mute the thread


Had never heard of them until Twitter yesterday. Assume they’re some kind of YouTube / buzz feed / Facebook content losers. And one of them has apparently cheated on his wife despite his whole shtick being how much he loves his wife.

Meh, come back when one of them is spitting on someone or leaking embarrassing sexts.


Did either of these get their own threads?

More things need their own threads

I think the spitting did, sexts just had some memes in Great Things which quickly petered out.

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Genuinely don’t think there’s any legs in this thread at all tbh, but nice to have it in one place where it can be ignored

Why’s it suddenly a massive deal again when a celeb cheats on their partner?

Are we in a new era of puritanism


The lady in that video says “this is the mic and stand” is stand up comedy named after the mic stand not that you’re standing up on a stage?

The try guys are the type of thing youtube tries to get you to watch if you don’t log in

Also saw loads of tweets being like ‘this is why i don’t trust men’

Yeah fair enough don’t trust men but women cheat too sometimes ime

I know who they are because the socials were like “wow, this Try Guys thing is a big deal!” so I looked into it, and it turns out a man has cheated on his wife. Very shocking and uncommon thing to happen, can see why it’s news.


And I think their thing is they make YouTube videos where they (the guys) try an activity, and all of them are hopeless at it, having never ever done it before. Except one of them shows a surprising knack for it! And multiple millions of people like to watch it.


@ma0sm is addicted to threads pass it on


They should TRY and come up with some better content imo

(haven’t watched any of it)

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“I hope so, I love that stuff!” - A Cat, who isn’t very good at reading and who thought this was about Purina



I think it’s seemingly a big deal to the people who know who these guys are because it appears this guys main shtick is being a husband/family man or something?



Don’t mind some of their content. Mostly shit though.